Just-in-time feedback

Foster a culture of continuous improvement by exchanging real-time feedback about the work you do, the meetings you organize, and more.

Just in Time Feedback

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Fellow is the real-time feedback software that helps managers and their teams:

Give and get feedback as work happens, not only at certain times of the year.

Ask for feedback about performance, meetings, or recent work.

Get smart suggestions to know who and when to ask for feedback.

See a collection of historical feedback – easily accessible during one-on-one meetings.

Give and get feedback as work happens

Fellow makes it easy to exchange just-in-time feedback between managers and reports, peers, or cross-functional teams.

Ask for feedback about yourself, a meeting, or a project.

Provide recognition and constructive feedback at the right time.

Ask for 360 feedback about your direct reports.

Power your interactions with Fellow's feedback templates

Not sure about what to ask? Fellow suggests questions and templates to help you get valuable and actionable feedback.

Browse Fellow’s feedback templates – and mix and match the questions that you like.

Choose from a dynamic set of question types – including text, emoji, and star ratings.

Receive smart suggestions on when to ask for feedback and who to recognize.

Exchange feedback where you're already doing work

Fellow's feedback approach is easy and practical. Share or ask for feedback in the moment, without leaving the chat interface.

Respond to feedback requests right from messaging apps like Slack.

Send a reminder if someone hasn't completed your feedback request.

Get notified if you haven’t exchanged feedback with someone in a long time.

Your team will thank you.

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