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Streamline your meeting workflows by creating your own Fellow + Slack integration with Fellow’s steps in the Slack Workflow Builder.

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Encourage meeting preparation

An empty agenda before a meeting starts is an indication that the meeting may not be productive.  

To avoid this situation, set up a Slack workflow to automatically have your meeting agendas sent to a Slack channel an hour before the meeting starts. It’s a gentle nudge to remind people to prepare for the meeting and contribute their thoughts. 

As a bonus – set it up so that recap notes are sent to Slack as well. 

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Set up recurring action items

If you have a task that repeats on a regular basis, it can be tedious having to type out the same task every time.

Automate this process by building a Slack Workflow that automatically adds action items to a stream at a certain frequency. 

Voila! You have recurring action items

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Pro Tip

Be efficient and share workflows between teammates with the Import function. (They’ll just need to download the template first and send you that file)

React in Slack, discuss in Fellow

With the constant flow of Slack messages, it’s easy to forget which ones need further discussion. 

Create a Slack Workflow where all you need to do is react with a specific emoji and that message will be added as a talking point in Fellow. 

Great for following up on issues or adding positive feedback to an agenda

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  • “Fellow solves three key problems around running meetings. First, creating the agenda. Then, with the ability to take notes, meeting management becomes much simpler. And finally, tracking the action items that come out of every meeting. Having everything in Fellow means we can track it and follow up on it.

    Mychelle Mollot

    Chief Marketing Officer

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