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The hub for your 1-on-1 meeting notes so you can build trust with your teammates

Fellow brings collaborative meeting notes to teams for effective and meaningful 1-on-1s

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Does this sound familiar?

“What did we discuss in our last 1:1?”

1-on-1s with poorly tracked meeting notes don’t build trust and weaken working relationships

Get started with better 1:1s using Fellow.

Note taking in a separate tab from your video calls isn’t great

Switching between tabs in order to take notes is distracting and takes away from meaningful 1:1 connection.

  • ❌ Note taking isn’t streamlined

  • ❌ No integration means clicking back and forth

  • ❌ This prevents engaging discussion with your direct reports

Try Fellow instead

1-on-1 meeting notes can easily get lost in a drive crowded with files

1:1 meeting takeaways don’t belong lost in a doc drive.

  • ❌ Searching for meeting notes is frustrating

  • ❌ Forgetting what was discussed is rude

  • ❌ Untracked action items aren’t actionable

Try Fellow instead

What would happen if you could run productive and delightful meetings? 

Fellow is the only easy-to-use meeting agenda software with all the features you need to have collaborative meetings without interrupting your workflow.

Say hello to productive meetings

Here’s how high performing teams are using Fellow to level up their meeting habits

Step 1

Open the private meeting record for all of your 1-on-1s

We offer a seamless setup from start to finish to get your 1-on-1 meetings from dull to delightful in less than a minute.

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    Step 2

    See the agenda for all your 1:1 meetings directly in your calendar

    Simply add Fellow to your pre-existing meetings and get started on agendas and talking points.

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      Step 3

      Collaborate on the meeting agenda beforehand

      Editing the agenda is seamless and collaborative, so both you and your direct report have a say in how the meeting will go.

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        Step 4

        Assign action items and track your meeting notes in one place

        It’s easy to review all previous meetings with each direct report, since Fellow keeps the meeting agendas and talking points in one place.

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          Step 5

          Discover 50+ templates for 1:1s

          Editing the agenda is seamless and collaborative, so both you and your direct report have a say in how the meeting will go.

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            Step 6

            Integrate action items with all your workflow tools

            Bring your action items from your meetings into your Asana projects seamlessly.

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            • “One of the best additions to our feedback loop has been the company-wide adoption of Fellow. It provides an amazing platform for constant conversations and direct feedback between managers and direct reports.”

              Justin Schiefner

              Director of People and Culture

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            You’re just a few clicks away from the solution you didn’t know you needed:

            • ✅ Fully synced 1:1 meeting notes with your calendar
            • ✅ Access to 100+ meeting templates right away
            • ✅ Integrates with all major workflow tools
            • ✅ Works with your favourite video call apps

            Works with your favourite video call apps

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