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Fellow is the only all-in-one meeting management platform for remote and hybrid teams. Have fewer, more effective meetings and 1-on-1s with AI, behavior-driving features, and seamless integrations.

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Let AI take notes and summarize meetings automatically

Fellow joins Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams meetings to transcribe and summarize your discussions, so you and your team can focus on having impactful conversations. After the meeting, find all your decisions and recordings in one place.

Everything you need for your meetings, all in one place

Fellow is the only meeting productivity platform that connects your calendar events to collaborative meeting agendas and recordings, making meeting management a breeze. Prepare agendas in advance, track decisions, and find all the context you need before, during, and after meetings.

As the most integrated meeting management software, Fellow also connects to tools such as Asana, Jira, Linear, and Zapier to make your meeting workflows 10x more efficient.

Align the entire organization around great meeting habits

Organizations creating better meeting habits at scale choose Fellow’s integrated meeting policy features and org-wide meeting templates.

Use Fellow to set clear guardrails around the way your company runs meetings. With the help of the Meeting Guidelines feature set and Fellow’s 500+ meeting templates, leaders can finally create consistent and disciplined meeting behaviours across the organization.

Fellow is SOC 2 Type II & GDPR Certified and adheres to global privacy laws and security standards to help you meet your compliance obligations.

What our customers are saying

  • Den Kurdupov

    VP of Revenue Operations at iDeals

    [Fellow] helps meetings to be more organized because you’re not trying to discuss everything in a single sitting. You have an agenda and you go one by one.

  • Jess Leonard

    Head of People Operations at Gamesight

    Fellow is easy to learn and easy to use. Now, it’s something that a lot of the leadership team uses and have said they love it and couldn’t live without it.

  • Elliot Lee

    VP Engineering at Lokalise

    With the Chrome extension, the exact meeting notes I need show up right in Google Meet. Then all of my action items are consolidated in a single view with due dates.

  • Mike Landman

    Founder/CEO at Ripple

    I’m generally an AI skeptic, but we used the Fellow AI meeting assistant and it was really good. The AI summary is truly sublime.

  • Emily Hillstrom

    Senior Customer Success Manager at Revv

    What I like most about Fellow is the ease of use and the desktop app. I really enjoy the ability to transport information easily.

  • Patricio Pace

    VP of Operations, Pliancy

    Having that strict structure and capturing all the notes in there, and assigning responsibility for takeaways or action items has been really helpful

  • Mychelle Mollot

    CMO at Knak

    With the ability to take notes, meeting management becomes much simpler. Having everything in Fellow means we can track it and follow up on it.

  • Stefan Kollenberg

    VP Client Success at Volley

    [With Fellow] There are clear action items, and more accountability, so each time you go into a meeting, it’s like, ‘Hey, did everyone do their things?’ Everything’s right there in Fellow.

  • Johan Van Heerden

    VP of Engineering at Nintex

    With Fellow, it’s really easy, right? I just go to the meeting that we’re going to have, then I add the talking points and add the notes.

  • Sarah Mercedes

    Senior Sales Manager

    Fellow is more user-friendly and easier to follow. With just one click, I can reset the entire template every week, eliminating the need to copy, paste, and manually color code everything.

  • Josh Andrews

    COO at spare

    Fellow brings the barrier to having great meetings down by having built in reminders and extensions, making it really easy to drive effective meetings

  • Liam Martin

    Co-founder at Time Doctor

    Fellow has completely changed the way we manage remote meetings. With 100+ people in 32 different countries, Fellow was one of the tools that took our remote meetings from confusion to clarity.

  • Travis Feddema

    Wealth Management Analyst at PWL Capital

    Fellow is interactive. Notes from previous meetings carry forward; action items keep you accountable. I really like being in a meeting and jotting down action items in real-time.

  • Lea Hörler

    Chief of Staff at Frontify

    Fellow with Meeting Guidelines provides a frictionless, fun way for employees to be more mindful in their approach to meetings and ensures they’re consciously building in meeting best practices.

  • Etienne Talbot

    Engineering Manager at Poka

    As an Engineering Manager, Fellow really fits my needs and could help other engineering managers be more organized and have developers or direct reports participate and share more.

  • Tobi Oluwole

    Co-Founder at 3Skills

    [With Fellow], my 1-on-1s became more efficient + I could track progress week-over-week and my team meetings became more streamlined because we had great agendas.

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