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Hugo is retiring November 2022, make sure you don’t lose any of your data

You can easily import Hugo notes into Fellow using our Hugo Import Tool. This will quickly import all of your Docs and Tasks data from Hugo in 3 easy steps:

  • 1. Create a Fellow account

  • 2. Export your Hugo data

  • 3. Upload the .zip file to our import tool

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Does this sound familiar?

“Where is the meeting agenda?”

Meetings without an agenda are uncertain, unproductive, and waste of time

High performing teams run productive meetings, and productive meetings need an agenda

Creating an agenda on the fly doesn’t work

Meetings without an agenda give you uncertainty and anxiety about what’s going to be discussed.

  • ❌ You scramble to take notes

  • ❌ You switch tabs in your video calls

  • ❌ You miss out on the key details

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Your team dreads meeting agendas on single documents

Agendas on a google doc are not collaborative.

  • ❌ You can’t easily engage with the agenda

  • ❌ Takeaways get lost in documents

  • ❌ Action items are not tracked

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What would happen if you could run productive and delightful meetings? 

Fellow is the only easy-to-use meeting agenda software with all the features you need to have collaborative meetings without interrupting your workflow.

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Here’s how high performing teams are using Fellow to level up their meeting habits

Step 1

Sync your work calendar with Fellow

Get access to a full meeting agenda for every calendar event, with just one click.

  • Works seamlessly with your calendar app.

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Step 2

Create & collaborate on agendas in advance

All team members can edit and add to the agenda before the meeting.

  • Set up custom reminders to add to the agenda for you and your team.

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Step 3

Pre-built templates for all your meetings!

Get access to hundreds of expert-approved meeting templates for all types of meetings, including:

  • ✔︎ Team Check-ins

  • ✔︎ 1-on-1 Meetings

  • ✔︎ New hire onboarding

  • ✔︎ 100+ other templates to choose from

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Step 4

Easily track action items and send meeting notes

Action items can be assigned with due dates to keep everyone accountable.

Meeting notes can be easily shared to review takeaways, decisions made, and what was discussed

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    Step 5

    Integrate action items with all your workflow tools

    Bring your action items from your meetings into your Asana projects seamlessly.

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    • One of the best additions to our feedback loop has been the company-wide adoption of Fellow. It provides an amazing platform for constant conversations and direct feedback between managers and direct reports.”

      Justin Schiefner

      Director of People and Culture

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