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1-on-1 Marketing Manager and Marketing Coordinator Meeting Template

A template to discuss wins, updates and future opportunities with the Marketing Coodinator on your team.

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What’s inside this 1-on-1 Marketing Manager and Marketing Coordinator Meeting Template:

1 🏆 Recent Wins and Learnings

What did you accomplish last week? Anything you learned or could’ve done differently?

2 🆕 Project Updates

What projects and goals are you currently working on?

3 🌟 Future Opportunities

What areas of development are you planning to work on? Any resources I can support you with?

4 💬 Questions & Comments

Do you have any questions for me? This could involve questions about company processes, comments about our team dynamics, feedback on my management style, or anything else on your mind!

5 ✅ Action Items

What came out of this meeting? What are our next steps?

6 📝 Notepad

Anything else to write down?

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