Meeting Agenda Templates

Peer one on one meeting Template

Peer One-on-One Meeting Agenda Template

A template to connect with your fellow managers and improve cross-departmental collaboration.

Remote one on one meeting

Remote One-on-One Meeting Agenda Template

Questions to build rapport, set priorities, and support employees that work remotely.

Quarterly Performance Review Template

Quarterly Performance Review Agenda Template

Use this performance review template to exchange feedback, celebrate wins, and set goals with your direct reports.

Exit Interview Meeting Template

Gather honest feedback about company culture, team morale, and your management style by asking departing employees these 6 exit interview questions.

One on One With Your Manager

One-on-One Meeting with Your Manager Agenda Template

5 key topics + pro tips to have a successful one-on-one meeting with your manager.

New Employee First One on One Meeting

First One-on-One Meeting Agenda Template

Kick-off your first one-on-one meeting with a new team member using this specially-crafted template.

One on One Meeting Template Chronological

One-on-One Meeting Template [Chronological]

Structure your one-on-one meetings based on past challenges, present priorities, and future opportunities.

Key Topics One on One Meeting Template

One-on-one Meeting Template [Key Topics]

8 Key areas you should cover in your one-on-one meetings with direct reports.