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Customer Feedback Meeting Template

With this expert-approved customer feedback template, you can apply comments to steer and direct your product in the proper path.

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What’s inside this Customer Feedback Meeting Template:

1 🎯 Objective

What exactly is the goal of this gathering? Do you wish to concentrate on one feature of the product in particular?

2 📁 Use-cases

How well does our product meet the needs of the consumer on a scale of 1 to 10? ‍

3 ⛲ Favourite features

What are the current favourites of the customers’ features and benefits? ‍

4 💪 Areas for improvement

What can we do to improve our customers’ experience? What would our product look like if the consumer changed it?

5 ✨ If you had a magic wand…

Were there any feature requests from the customer? From here, you can turn this list into tickets for the respective teams. ‍

6 ✅ Next steps

What came out of this meeting?

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