Daily Standup Meeting Agenda Template

Use this daily scrum template to foster accountability and communication across your team.

Daily Standup Meeting Agenda
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Daily standup meetings (also known as daily scrums) can help your team remove blockers and work more effectively together. If you want to run daily standups like a pro, the first thing you can do is set up a standup meeting template that your team can populate a couple of hours before the meeting.

During the standup meeting, each team member should answer the following three questions:

1 What did I do yesterday?

First, everyone shares their progress on the team’s weekly goals, focusing on the activities that are relevant to the team as a whole.

2 What did I do today?

Then, employees give a quick update on the things they plan to accomplish today. Writing these things down in your meeting agenda is a great way to keep everyone accountable.

3 What obstacles/blockers are impeding my progress?

Finally, everyone can share any impediments that keep them from accomplishing their tasks and ask their teammates for help. This includes any cross-departmental blockers, dependencies, and technical limitations.

Use this daily standup template to promote team collaboration

This standup meeting template can help you coordinate the team’s daily workload and foster a culture of accountability. Try this template for free in Fellow.app!