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Datafox’s All-Hands Meeting Template

Use Datafox's (expert approved) template for a fun and productive all hands meeting.

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What’s inside Datafox’s All-Hands Meeting Template:

1 Fantastic Fox Award (5 min)

“Employee of the Month” — the Fantastic Fox is awarded to the teammate who most emulated our values and went above and beyond the call of duty that month.

2 Announcements (5 mins)

Share a few announcements to share with the company: new hires, upcoming events, etc.

3 Deep-dive topics (20–30 mins)

Ask inquisitive questions about the topics presented; engineers ask questions about sales targets, customer success reps ask questions about team roadmap, etc.

4Demos (15 mins)

In this section volunteers from your product team demo features they completed recently or are working on. The demo is always met with raucous applause.

5 Q&A / AMA (10 mins)

Share questions posed by members of the team, submitted anonymously before the meeting.

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