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Executive Decision Making Meeting Template

Make important executive decisions by empowering members to prepare the agenda before hand and time decision-making throughout the meeting.

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What’s inside this Executive Decision Making Meeting Template:

Instruction: If you bring something up in the team meeting, you must write it down beforehand and share it with the team by 6 p.m. the day before.


A section to let other team members know about some changes in the organization.

Issue: 1-2 sentence description of the problem and a 1-2 sentence description of your intended solution. The person proposing the issue and solution asks, ‘Does anyone disagree with my solution?’ and if no one does we can move on, and it’s a 30-second discussion.

2Name (5 minutes)

  • Issue
  • Solution

3Name (5 minutes)

  • Issue
  • Solution

4RAPID Framework

For more difficult decisions, we will follow a RAPID framework.

  • Recommend: This group will create recommendations.
  • Agree: This group must agree with the proposals provided by the recommended group.
  • Perform: This group will execute and deliver the modified process.
  • Input: This group will provide information and facts to the recommend groups.
  • Decide: The person or persons involved in this group is accountable for the whole execution process.


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