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Family Meeting Agenda Template: A Civil Engineer Mother

Use this fun family oriented meeting template to create smooth (er) operation of your family's schedules and over home life.

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What’s inside this Family Meeting Agenda Template:

1 🗣️ Discussion Topics

This is the part of the meeting where we discuss the issues that have arisen during the week

2 ⚽ Goal Check in

Every year, as a family, we sit down and make goals. This is when we take a seat and see how they’re doing.

3👈 Discuss Last week

When we open our calendars, we normally take a moment to review the previous week to see if there was anything more we needed to talk about that didn’t come up during our meetings.

4📅 Calendar & Schedule update

This is how we spent the majority of our time together. Work schedules are compared, childcare plans are double-checked, transportation is arranged, and so on.

  • Work Schedule: This is when we discuss when we will be working and make any required changes.
  • Activities: This is where we talk about classes, appointments, parties, and other things. It’s also the time when we add any additional tasks to our to-do lists.
  • Athletic/Workouts: We started organising our runs, workouts, and family bike rides at the beginning of the week because one of our family goals is to be more active.
  • Special Events: Vacations, visitors, or other activities.
  • Chores/assignments for this week: Any big cleaning or maintenance jobs that need to be completed this week are scheduled.
  • Group responsibilities: This is the time when we evaluate each activity, from book club to church to volunteer work.
  • Kids Activities: I’m constantly surprised that such small people have such hectic schedules!

5🥕 Menu Planning & Grocery List

We used to plan our weekly menu together as a family when we had more time and less to discuss. We now take turns, but we still take a minute to talk about it and make any last adjustments.

6🗑️ Chores

We try to focus on cleaning one section of the house each week, and we assign duties for that area or anything else that needs to be done at that time.

7📝 To Do lists

Unfortunately, we rarely finish our to-do lists completely. To help each other, we communicate what we haven’t completed and offer assistance when we can.

8💰 Budget

We prepare our budget once a year, so this is just a check-in to verify sure everything is on track. We also talk over any upcoming large payments or expenses.

9🚀 Projects

We have a to-do list of personal, professional, and familial projects. We keep a complete list in our family binder: “Remodeling Master Bedroom,” “Prepare Taxes,” “Find a Preschool,” and other projects are examples.

10🍩 Treats

It’s nice to end with a treat, especially if there are youngsters involved.

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