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How|Now|Wow (Ciao!) Meeting Template

Use this unique "how", "now", "wow", (ciao), template at your next product discussion meeting to figure out the best and worst practices for your product.

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What’s inside How|Now|Wow (Ciao!) Meeting Template:

1 ❓ How (Difficult):

Ideas that are original and innovative but will require a lot of work. Helpful to set as future goals.

2 👇 Now (Easy):

Low hanging fruit. Easy to do and are pretty common ideas. Although they aren’t unique, doesn’t mean they’re not worth doing.

3 👀 Wow (Original and Easy):

‘”Wow factor” ideas. These ideas will make the product shine! They are pretty easy to implement and also stand out as unique features which will add value to the user experience.

4👋 Ciao (Not Needed):

These ideas are uninteresting and hard to implement. Say goodbye to these.

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