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Leadership Strategic Planning: Drafting a Mission Statement Template

This meeting template is meant to guide a leadership team through drafting a mission statement in 60 minutes.

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What’s inside this Leadership Strategic Planning: Drafting a Mission Statement Template:

1Welcome [5 minutes]

Reminder of what is the purpose of this meeting, the expectations, desired outcome.

2 Scope of Work [10 minutes]

Remind the team of what a mission statement entails and why it is important.

3Brainstorming [20 minutes]

Ask each team member to brainstorm the following questions individually. Discuss the answers afterwards.

  • Who is the organization serving and why?
  • What does this business do? Silent brainstorming words or phrases.
  • What problem is your business solving?

4Identify Themes [5 minutes]

Identify themes from the brainstorming and identify commonalities.

5Prioritize Concepts [5 minutes]

Which themes were most dominant? Which themes resonate? Prioritize concepts that should be included in the mission statement.

6Draft Options [10 minutes]

Draft options of the mission statement, tweaking the language accordingly.

7Next Steps [5 minutes]

Determine next steps such as who will be publishing the mission statement.


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