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Marketing Sprint Planning Template

Use this template to drive your next Marketing Sprint Planning session to go from zero, to a marketing campaign in just 5 days.

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What’s inside this Marketing Sprint Planning Template:

1 Day 1: Map and Refinement

Collect and review campaign goals, audience data, user journey and create a mock campaign.

  • Confirm tasks, goals, and objectives of the marketing campaign
  • Research target audience and users
  • Create a user journey map to understand how users interact with the campaign
  • Divide the team into groups to build a creative concept that promotes the campaign

2 Day 2: Sketch and Concept

All groups pitch their ideas and two are chosen to move forward

  • Teams pitch creative concepts from Day 1
  • The group provides feedback on the concepts
  • Decision-maker selects two final concepts to move forward with
  • Of the two final concepts, teams must create a pitch deck for the decision-maker

3Day 3: Decide

One creative concept is chosen and the team must produce different variations of the concept.

  • Teams pitch the two creative concepts to the decision-maker
  • The decision-maker chooses the best creative concept for the campaign
  • Team members are assigned different marketing channels to create the concept for
    • e.g. our emails, social posts, blog CTAs, ads, and videos

4Day 4: Prototype

Create a prototype of how the campaign will look in the different marketing channels.

  • Create a promotional video story
  • Create mock-ups for the various marketing channels
  • Create a refined pitch-deck

5Day 5: Test

Present the refined pitch deck to an audience, ask for feedback and iterate.

  • Pitch the creative concept to individuals from other departments
  • Address any questions from the audience and send a Google form after the meeting
  • Based on the feedback, review and finalize the creative concept and iterate

6Day 6: Retro

Gather feedback from the team to understand what went well and areas of improvement for the future.

  • What the team did well
  • What the team did not do well
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