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Social Media Campaign Performance Review Meeting Template

Use this template to know what metrics to measure when evaluating social media usage during your event or conference.

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What’s inside Social Media Campaign Performance Review Meeting Template:

1 📏 What to Measure

Four core metrics to capture and evaluate:

  • Audience
  • Sentiment
  • Activity
  • Insights

2 👤 Audience

  • How many unique people shared the live event?
  • How many unique people shared the event webcast?
  • How did the numbers/engagement levels change over time?

3 💬 User/Participant Sentiment

  • Brand: What were the sentiments/levels of enthusiasm (or lack thereof) when discussing the brand or product?
  • Conference: What was the general sentiment when discussing the conference or event itself? Did users recommend the event, or indicate an intention to participate again the following year if it was a recurring event, for example?
  • Content: What was the sentiment when discussing specific event content including the agenda, speakers, breakout sessions, location, registration process and cost of the event?

4📣 Activity

  • Amplification: initial shares, audience size, how many times it was re-shared, retweeted, reposted, etc.
  • Applause: how many likes, loves, plus 1’s, etc. did each post receive, and how did the activity levels hold up over time?
  • Conversation: how many total comments and replies did your posts or streams receive? what was the average number of messages and new conversations generated per post?
  • Registration: how many people actually registered to attend your conference, whether this year or next, due to those social media posts? and how many webcast registrations did the social media campaign bring in?

5💡 Insights

  • Location: how localized in your event, vs how far are your messages reaching and who are they resonating with where?
  • KOA’s (Known On-site Attendees): were there any noticeable trends throughout the social activity for known attendees of the event and webcast?

6🎥 Live Event Webcast Viewers and Other

In the absence of specific KOA data for the live event, tweets and social media activity can be attributed to your live stream or after event webcast.

  • Total live audience views
  • Total unique viewers
  • Duration
  • Engagement (such as likes and favorites)
  • Conversation (comments, messages)
  • Shares
  • Other

7✅ Post Event

After the live event and webcast replays have wrapped, measure the number of registrations, including on-demand and replays of the webcast, that resulted directly from social media activity.

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