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Vlad Magdalin: All-Team Meeting Template

Use this meeting agenda template to run inclusive and motivating All-Team Meetings. Curated by the CEO of Webflow.

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Vlad Magdalin is the CEO at Webflow, a software company empowering people to create websites without the need to code and a vocal proponent of the no-code movement.

Previous to Webflow, Vlad was the Senior Software Engineer at Inuit and was the Co-founder of 

During a Supermanagers Podcast interview, Vlad told us that he has routinely hosted Weekly All-Team Meetings over the past four years. In addition to this company-wide ritual, Vlad also writes an email every week, including CEO updates and reinforcing important announcements made during the meeting.

What’s inside this All-Team Meeting template:

1 Introductions 

Introduce any new team members and have this be an opportunity to meet the whole team while they are onboarding. 

2 Celebrations

Vlad opens the floor for a chance to allow team members to share any exciting and celebratory moments. This is the time to celebrate:

  • Any recent promotions 
  • Anniversaries 
  • Successful wins 

3 Updates and Announcements

Next is used as an open time block for and updates or certain things that may be top of mind. The updates that Webflow would share ranged from: 

  • Marketing updates
  • Financial statuses 
  • Important news of the day
  • Response plans to current events
  • Programs we are initiating 

Vlad shared that updates are meant as “a big block open for things that truly matter right now, whether it’s business planning or whatever.” 

Announcements are different from updates in the way that the information being shared is meant for the entire company and what you believe to be appropriate for everybody to know. 

4 Questions

Allowing time for questions is important in ensuring everybody understands what has been discussed. 

“They have to be asked ahead of time. So we have the ability to ask questions, whether it’s like with a name attached or completely anonymously,” said Vlad. 

source: Supermanagers podcast

5 Props

Lastly, we share moments of gratitude for certain teammates or successful things that have happened throughout the week. 

Vlad shares that the beauty of this structure is creating and morphing the template to whatever is needed that week for the success of the team.

“This structure where that middle thing can be anything. Sometimes we have a deep dive on a product that we ship, sometimes we have a deep dive on our marketing strategies and sometimes we have a team presenting.” 

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