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Weekly Marketing Strategy and Projects Review Template

Use this marketing strategy agenda (curated by Paperform) to review the team’s progress on paid acquisition, content marketing, partnerships, and other marketing channels.

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What’s inside this Weekly Marketing Strategy and Projects Review Template:

1 Revenue Metrics

Review the MRR/ARR and churn metrics. Discuss the growth trajectory and seasonality trends.

2 Funnel Metrics

Check the number of total and qualified leads for the past and ongoing week.

3TOFU Metrics

Review the TOFU metrics (total number of unique users who visited the main page, blog, etc).

4 Paid Acquisition Metrics

Check-in on the performance of paid acquisition campaigns (Google, Facebook, and Twitter ads).

5 Content Marketing: New Items

Review the content team’s work and discuss the objectives for this and the following weeks.

6 SEO: New Items

Discuss the ongoing SEO projects.

7 Paid Acquisition: New Items

Discuss the priorities for the paid acquisition campaigns and possible ways to improve their performance.

8 Partnerships: New Items

Check-in on the status of the ongoing and new partnerships.

9 Admin

Discuss any costs, expenses, team members taking leave, etc.

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