How to Onboard Remote Employees, Run Virtual Meetings, and Lead During Difficult Situations

Manager TLDR: Issue 13

Onboarding Remote Employee

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We hope that you and your team are safe and well during this difficult time.

In today’s Manager TLDR, we’re sharing four resources to help you onboard remote employees successfully, run more effective virtual meetings, and lead during difficult situations.

✅ 7 Tips for Onboarding Remote Employees

TLDR: If you have a new hire joining the team in the next couple of weeks, this article will help you set them up for success. Some tips include:

💻 How to Run Effective Remote Meetings

TLDR: One of the best ways to foster team communication and collaboration amongst a distributed team is to schedule regular video calls. Here are some best practices you should consider:

🌎 Tips for Managing a (Remote) Team During a Time of Crisis – Stella Garber

TLDR: The worst thing a manager can do in a time of crisis is pretend that nothing is wrong. Instead, be vocal that things are different, and give your team the ability to process what’s going on. Here are some things you can do

💪 How to Keep Your Team Focused and Productive During Uncertain Times – Amy Gallo

TLDR: Employees who are concerned about their future are likely to be distracted and unproductive. What should a manager do?

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