Asynchronous Communication and Dropbox’s Transition to Virtual First

Manager TLDR – Issue 28

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💬 Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Communication: A Guide for Managers (7 min read) | Fellow Blog

TLDR: Over the past few weeks, “Zoom Fatigue” has become more and more common amongst remote employees. In fact, research shows that video calls can be more draining than in-person meetings, as they force us to focus more intently.

The good news → more companies are adopting asynchronous communication as an alternative to virtual meetings.

📦 One Rubric Changed Box’s Engineering Performance — Here’s How (15 min read) | First Round Review

TLDR: Sam Schillace (SVP of Engineering at Box) introduced a system to avoid favoritism and arbitrary evaluations in the company. Here are three tips that you can use to deploy Sam’s performance rubric with your team:

🏆 Top 10 Leadership Lessons from the Supermanagers Podcast (12 min read) | Fellow Blog

TLDR: Leaders are made, not born. The truth is, great leaders are always looking for ways to learn and improve. Here are 3 (out of 10) leadership lessons we’ve learned from our inspiring Supermanagers Podcast guests:

📰 Dropbox Goes Virtual First (6 min read) | Dropbox Blog

TLDR: In an internal survey, nearly 90% of Dropbox employees said that they don’t want to return to a rigid 5-day in-office workweek. After announcing its transition to becoming a Virtual First company this week, the company shared the following best practices for remote leaders:

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