How to Run Asynchronous Meetings and Boost Employee Productivity

Manager TLDR – Issue 29

Asynchronous Meetings

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I hope your weekend wasn’t too spooky… and that you can carve out some time to read these posts.

In the spirit of Halloween, we asked a panel of experts to share some of their scary management mistakes. Check the top 10 management mistakes you should avoid!

Now, here are this week’s hand-picked tips to help you on your journey to becoming a great leader:

👩‍💻 Asynchronous Meetings: Everything You Need to Know | (7 min read) | Fellow Blog

TLDR: Asynchronous communication has a lag between when a message is sent and when the person receiving it interprets it. One of the best parts about doing things asynchronously is not having to find a time that works on everyone’s calendar! Here’s how we run asynchronous standup meetings at Fellow:

💡 Management homework: Check your calendar and determine which meetings don’t need to be held synchronously. Replace all status updates with asynchronous forms of communication. Pro Tip: some meetings, such as your weekly team meetings and one-on-ones are better held in real-time.

🤔 What Do You Do When Your Teammate Shares Their Grief? | (9 min read) | Lara Hogan

TLDR: Most of us aren’t taught how to respond when someone shares with us a really heavy piece of information. In this article, Lara Hogan (author of Resilient Management) shares some practical tips for managers who want to feel prepared to handle conversations around topics such as death, divorce, miscarriage, and grief. 

1. Have a simple response ready. 

2. Instead of immediately suggesting next steps, try asking open questions to understand what would be most helpful for your conversation to focus on, or what they need right now. 

3. In the next few one-on-ones, take a really quick temperature check with your teammate.

⚡️ Employee Productivity: The Ultimate Guide for Managers | (12 min read) | Fellow Blog

TLDR: Increasing employee productivity is not about making people on your team work longer hours. Employee productivity starts with you (the leader) and your team’s level of engagement at work. Here are three expert tips to motivate your teammates and increase overall productivity:

😓 On Burnout and How to Complete the Stress Cycle | (60 min podcast) | Brene Brown

TLDR: According to Doctors Emily and Amelia Nagoski, the 3 components of burnout are: emotional exhaustion (the fatigue that comes from caring too much for too long), decreased sense of accomplishment (feeling that nothing you do makes any difference), and depersonalization (the depletion of empathy, caring and compassion).

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