Manager TLDR – Issue 10

Constructive feedback, questions for your first one-on-one meeting, and high-trust distributed teams.

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Welcome to Issue 10 of the Manager TLDR – the best in management, carefully curated by

This week we’re talking about constructive feedback, one-on-one meetings, and distributed teams:

🎁 How to receive constructive feedback (even when you don’t agree with it)

TLDR: Getting constructive feedback from your team, especially feedback that’s hard to hear or you don’t necessarily agree with, can be tough. Here are some tips to receive feedback effectively at work (Click here to read all 5!):

❓ 9 Questions for your first one-on-one meeting: What should you ask your new direct report?

TLDR: Getting some particular data during an initial one-on-one meeting can be really helpful – since you can refer back to your direct report’s answers whenever you need to give them feedback, recognition, or support. Use your first one-on-one to set clear expectations and map out a plan for their first month. Learn more here.

🌎 How we’re building a high-trust distributed culture – Matt Hryhorsky (UX Manager of International Growth at Shopify)

TLDR: As a multinational company with thousands of remote employees, Shopify prides itself on having a culture that’s “powered by a trust battery”. Here are 4 ways to achieve this:

🚫 Subtlety Is Overrated: Managers who sugarcoat their feedback aren’t doing their employees any favors – Alison Green (author of Ask a Manager)

TLDR: More often than not, managers hint at problems with their employee’s behaviour, rather than being direct about them. By avoiding a direct conversation, you are prioritizing your own comfort over the employee’s right to hear what they need to improve.  

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