Manager TLDR – Issue 4

One-on-ones, cultural fit, team meetings, and remote work.

Remote Team Meeting

200 One-on-one meeting questions for managers

TLDR: Even if you know the benefits of one-on-one meetings, it can be tough to come up with unique talking points every time. We compiled a list of 200 questions used by the world’s best managers so you can engage with your teammates and have more meaningful conversations. 

⚠️ The dangers of hiring for cultural fit

TLDR: Employers often aim to hire people they think will be a good “cultural fit” … but their efforts can easily veer into a ditch where all employees look, think and act alike. 

What cultural fit is: shared enthusiasm for the company mission, a common approach to working, and a mutual understanding of how to make decisions.

What cultural fit isn’t: a common educational or cultural background, a sense of familiarity with co-workers, or a shared enjoyment of perks such as ping pong and craft beer.

💡 How to run your weekly team meeting 

TLDR: Weekly team meetings are the ideal opportunity to celebrate wins, gather feedback, and check on your team’s mood. This post describes 10 items you should include in your next team meeting agenda + 4 templates to help you run more effective discussions.

The 10 agenda items are: updates, icebreakers, lightning talks, metrics, highlights, feedback, priorities, roadblocks, shoutouts, and action items.

🌎 Managing from afar

TLDR: Here are 4 lessons shared by Nassim Kammah – who led a coast-to-coast remote team as senior engineering manager at MailChimp:

Your team will thank you.

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