How to run effective remote team meetings

TLDR: Managing a distributed team? 🌎 Here are some tips to ensure your meetings are effective and inclusive:

• Share a list of meeting guidelines with the team.

• Encourage attendees to write talking points prior to the meeting.

• Ask specific people (e.g. employees calling-in) for their opinion.

• Plan team bonding activities to strengthen coworker bonds.

The surprising power of simply asking coworkers how they’re doing

TLDR: When people feel like they belong at work, they are 3.5 times more likely to contribute to their fullest potential 🚀.

How can you fuel this feeling of belonging? Establish opportunities to check-in with employees and connect with them on a personal level. Ask questions such as How are you doing? and How can I support you?.

How to run daily standups like a (great) boss

TLDR: Daily standups can help your team remove blockers, clarify objectives, and communicate effectively.

• What to talk about: Yesterday, today, obstacles. Don’t go into problem-solving mode.

• When? Early in the day – ideally within 30 minutes of people arriving.

• How? Everyone goes around the circle in sequence rather than skipping around.

• Mistakes to avoid: People report only to the manager and obstacles aren’t tracked 🚧.

How to be a good manager: an interview with Julie Zhuo

TLDR: Management is more than just being a “boss” or landing a promotion. Good managers genuinely enjoy working with people and helping the team reach their goals. This involves facilitating collaboration, delegating tasks, and most importantly, being willing to leave your ego at the door and let the team shine ✨ .

Want to learn more? Here’s our summary of Julie Zhuo’s book: The Making of a Manager.