Manager TLDR – Issue 6

Scary stretch assignments, engaging virtual meetings, employee learning curves, and one-on-ones meetings.

Virtual Meeting

How to offer challenges to your teammates – Lara Hogan

TLDR: The best way to skyrocket your direct report’s growth is to sponsor them for a scary stretch assignment. Here’s how to do it right (and support them in the process):

How to keep your remote team engaged during virtual meetings –

TLDR: Have you ever attended a virtual meeting where everyone seemed distracted and unengaged? Follow these 4 tips to avoid that feeling – and boost your meeting productivity:

How to lose your best employees – Harvard Business Review

TLDR: When your employees feel that they aren’t growing, they begin to feel that they don’t matter. That’s why in order to build an A team, you need to optimize your teammates’ learning curves and offer new and exciting challenges ⛰. 

Pro tip: Most people hit a plateau when they’ve been doing the same job for 4 years.

One-on-ones with your manager: Here’s how to prepare and make the most out of them –

TLDR: Your one-on-ones with your boss shouldn’t be something that you dread. In fact, they’re one of the most powerful tools to make sure you advance in your career and enjoy doing your job. This article summarizes 5 ways in which individual contributors can use one-on-ones to accelerate their career, plus 5 tips to show up prepared.

Managers: this is the post you’ll want to forward to your team 😉.

Your team will thank you.

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