Happy New Year!

And welcome to Issue 8 of the Manager TLDR – our first issue of 2020 🎉

If one of your new year’s resolutions is to be an awesome manager, we’ve got you covered 📩.

We’ll send you the best management content every 2 weeks (with a short summary of each article), so you can continue developing great leadership skills.

Here are this week’s top 4 picks:

Skip-Level Meetings: Top 7 Questions + Best Practices for Leaders

TLDR: As a Director, VP, or CEO, how can you maintain a human connection with everyone on your team? The answer: Skip-Level Meetings. This article includes expert advice and a meeting agenda template you can use to make the most out of them. ⚡️

How the Best Managers Identify and Develop Talent (HBR)

TLDR: Talent management is the ability to find not just the best employee for each role, but the best role for each employee. Here are 3 things you can do to become a great talent agent 🕵️‍♂️:

  1. Look for talent internally, before you search outside your organization.
  2. Hire candidates with soft skills such as emotional intelligence, drive, and learnability.
  3. Don’t hire people who remind you of yourself. This harms diversity and performance.

What First-Time Managers Should Know in 2020 (Gary Vaynerchuk)

TLDR: If you want to be a better manager in 2020 make sure to:

  1. Hire people that complement your strengths, and prioritize emotional intelligence.
  2. Give employees unlimited trust. That’s what makes companies move fast.
  3. Communicate with underperforming employees. Maybe they’re just in the wrong department.

Top 9 Remote Software for 2020

TLDR: Software has become increasingly important in an age where more and more people work remotely 🌎. But even if you’re team is not distributed, using certain tools such as Slack, Loom, and Fellow will help you foster better communication and accountability.