Your meetings deserve better than a Google Doc

Fellow is integrated into your Google Calendar and purpose-built to centralize documents and discussion, keep attendees accountable and move work forward.

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Why Productive Organizations Choose Fellow

Action Items

Keep everyone accountable

Easily follow up on tasks, discussions, and decisions with assigned action items, due dates, and note history. Integrations with your project management tools mean nothing gets missed or forgotten.

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    Sync tasks and status updates

    Never miss an action item or status update. Fellow syncs with your existing productivity stack so all tasks, tickets, and statuses are always up-to-date across your tools.

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      Meeting Notes

      Centralize documents and discussions

      Keep track of every document, discussion, and decision in one place. Fellow connects all your tools in meeting notes so you can always find what you’re looking for and access the context

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        How does Fellow stack up against Google Docs?

        Hear it from our customers!

        Purpose-built for meeting

        Ensures your team is supported before, during, and after every meeting

        Auto-connects to Google Calendar events

        Every meeting has an associated meeting note when it created

        Note panel in your Google Meet calls

        Stay focused on the discussion instead of switching tabs to take notes

        Creates and centralizes action items

        Assign to one or more people, and add due dates.

        Real-time collaboration

        Encourages meeting participation and contribution

        Automatically accessible to everyone in the meeting

        No need to manage permissions or access

        Carries forward talking points that weren’t addressed

        Never miss a talking point or discussion item

        Auto-reminders to contribute to the agenda

        Makes meeting prep part of everyone’s daily flow

        Sync tasks with your project management tools

        Save time updating tickets, tasks, and to-dos across tools

        Drives better meeting habits

        Create a better meeting culture through automation and integrated prompts

        AI agenda builder

        Easily build meeting agendas in seconds

        AI meeting transcription and summary

        Easily revisit, review, and share important insights after every meeting

        Have more productive meetings today!

        Easily connect your Google Calendar in minutes.

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