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Get more out of meetings across the organization

We don’t want to have siloed communication about performance and how it’s going across the team. Fellow is part of an effort to remove siloed information between individuals and their managers, and instead have group discussions about how we can all grow, scale, and develop.” 

Volley helps B2B companies stand out from the crowd with their outbound selling methods and tools. They leverage contact-level research and data-driven insights to deliver hyper-personalized and contextual outbound sequences at scale. The company aims to act as an extension of its clients’ teams by becoming an expert in their space, identifying the right prospects, and engaging them with white-glove communication to drive more top-of-funnel meetings.

Stefan Kollenberg is Volley’s VP of Client Success. He is responsible for the delivery department’s overall health, and happiness, and for helping the group meet their professional goals. He also ensures that: clients are renewing and expanding their contracts, the company has strong leaders, and that Volley’s delivery model and structure are financially viable and scalable. 

Stefan told us that his team needed a tool to help them streamline the way each team member communicated with one another. 

Let’s take a look at how Fellow has helped Stefan streamline processes and make meetings at Volley more efficient. 


The challenge: Too many meetings and inconsistent processes

Meeting notes help keep everyone accountable, align teams on goals, and make your meetings organized and productive!

Before Fellow, the team at Volley relied on a variety of tools to conduct performance reviews, one-on-ones, and team meetings. With platforms like Notion, Stefan and his team could take good notes, but they couldn’t seem to stay organized. He also noticed they were having trouble documenting key takeaways from meetings. 

It (Notion) wasn’t central to how we operate, whereas Fellow pops up in every Google Meet or Zoom.”

Stefan knew that Volley needed to make a change when he and his team were planning their growth for the next year. He discovered during his evaluation that Volley employees had too many meetings. 

I found that there were a huge amount of meetings both internally and externally. So that’s when I thought, how can we make meetings more efficient?”

When Stefan learned about Fellow, he loved how easy it was to collaborate with colleagues on the platform, integrate it with other tools, and take great meeting notes. 

It becomes second nature, when you have a meeting, you know that you take meeting notes in Fellow.” 🚀


The solution: Optimize productivity during meetings with Fellow

When implementing a new tool, it can often be a challenge to get everyone on board.

Once the managers at Volley were onboarded using Fellow’s Masterclasses, Stefan said that the shift to meeting productivity was almost immediate! 

The transition to Fellow was easy because it’s integrated into Google and Google Meet, which we use for everything. When managers started to use Fellow frequently, there was no hesitation, and everyone realized on their own that it was great.” 

When asked how Fellow has helped make his work day more efficient, he described that it makes it easier to remember the little things. 

There are a lot of times when I’m like, “ I need to remember to talk to this person about something.” Rather than this reminder just floating around in Slack somewhere, I can just go and put it in my meeting notes. Fellow helps me prepare for meetings more effectively.” 

Stefan and his team were also impressed by the variety of meeting templates and automations. With Fellow, the Volley team can prepare for their recurring client meetings well in advance and share follow-up notes with anyone in the company who requires access. 

It helps with the efficiency of preparing for and conducting client meetings. And client meetings are a very valuable thing for our service offerings.”

Why work in chaos when you can use Fellow to organize your meeting notes and communicate asynchronously? 👀

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The results

It’s a wonderful feeling to gain precious time back into your day!

With Fellow, Stefan learned which meetings were necessary for the team’s success and which ones could be tossed aside in favour of updates via email and Slack. 

Some meetings weren’t super helpful anymore. They were just updates, not collaboration. Or there weren’t any decisions being made.” 

Using Fellow, you can connect your meeting agendas and action items with the apps your team already uses! Stefan told us that his team benefits from Fellow’s Slack integration

The Slack follow-ups are helpful as reminders. The automations connect to Slack, and we operate out of it. So those have been helpful.”

Fellow is integrated into your workflow. It’s right there. And there’s a very clear purpose for it.”

Nothing can derail a company’s mission and goals quite like siloed communication. When asked how Volley’s meeting culture has changed with Fellow, Stefan explained that it has helped his team communicate more effectively. 

We don’t want to have siloed communication about performance and how it’s going across the team. Fellow is part of an effort to remove siloed information between individuals and their managers, and have group discussions about how we can all grow, upscale, and develop.”

After some time with Fellow, Stefan and his team decided to create a new meeting structure for the company. Now, employees at Volley ask themselves questions like: What is the purpose of this meeting? How do we best prepare for it?

That’s the power of Fellow! With consistent meeting processes, seamless integrations, and a constant feeling of preparedness among team members, Volley is ready to better inspire its prospects with personalized outreach! 

I’ve definitely heard a lot of the directors and managers really appreciate it. They say it’s made it more efficient and easy for them to manage their workload because they have a lot of meetings.”

Plus, Fellow helps teammates keep each other accountable. 😍

“There are more clear action items, and there’s more accountability, so each time you go into a meeting, it’s like, “Hey, did everyone do their things?” And everything’s right there in Fellow.”

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