Advanced AI Meeting Note-Taking,

Recording and Summaries

Fellow’s AI Meeting Copilot automatically records, transcribes, and summarizes your meetings while seamlessly integrating into your meeting workflow and favorite tools.

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Capture every discussion and decision

Fellow’s AI Meeting Copilot takes care of recording and transcribing meetings so everyone has an accurate record of the meeting and the ability to stay present.

Automate meeting outcomes

In addition to AI meeting summaries, the Fellow AI Meeting Copilot generates meeting sections to organize talking points as well as action items and decisions based on the conversation so everyone is aligned and follow-ups are clear.

Skip the meeting altogether

Since your meeting recordings, transcriptions, and summaries are all linked to your meeting notes and calendar events, you can skip a meeting and access it later without missing any context, decisions, or next steps.

“I’m generally an AI skeptic, but we used the Fellow AI meeting assistant and it was really good. The AI summary is truly sublime.”

Mike Landman

Founder & CEO at Ripple

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