Online Session: Mastering Meetings

Wasteful meetings are cited as the #1 barrier to getting work done. It’s time to correct course and reshape meetings so they drive productivity across your organization.

Join us on Thursday, October 26th for Mastering Meetings: 8 Research-Backed Guidelines Every Organization Needs


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The Surprising Science of Meetings by Steven Rogelberg!


Thursday, October 26th, 2023 – (recording available exclusively for registrants)

Join us on Thursday, October 26th for Mastering Meetings: 8 Research-Backed Guidelines Every Organization Needs

Solve the wasteful meeting problem for your organization

Join the session to…

✔ Understand the impact that ineffective meetings have on organizations

✔ Discover 8 research-backed meeting guidelines that help organizations identify and correct the root causes of ineffective meetings

  • ✔ Learn how to consistently change meeting behavior across your entire organization

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Live Q&A with Fellow’s CEO 👋

Don’t miss the opportunity to interact with Aydin Mirzaee – CEO and Co-Founder at Fellow!

Aydin will answer any questions you may have about today’s meeting trends, the best (or worst) ways to implement meeting best policies, or anything else on your mind!

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    • “Fellow with Meeting Guidelines provides a frictionless, fun way for employees to be moremindful in their approach to meetings and ensures they’re consciously building in meeting best practices. Fellow also gives them control over their time and the permission to push back on meetings that lack an agenda.”

      Lea Hörler

      Chief of Staff