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Accountability in the Workplace

The Power of Performance Reviews, Vulnerability, and Sponsorship

Manager TLDR: Issue 18

Leading Through Crisis

Leading Through Crisis, the Science of Remote Meetings, and the 6 Habits of Effective Leaders

Manager TLDR: Issue 17

one on ones with manager mistakes

How to Avoid Burnout, Buffer’s 4-Day Work Week, and Book Recommendations for Managers

Manager TLDR: Issue 16

Remote Culture Tips

Strategies to Keep Your Remote Team Motivated and Develop an Agile Mindset During a Crisis

Manager TLDR: Issue 15

Remote Work Policy Remote Companies

How to Create a Remote Work Policy and Leverage Rituals to Manage Extreme Emotions

Manager TLDR: Issue 14

Onboarding Remote Employee

How to Onboard Remote Employees, Run Virtual Meetings, and Lead During Difficult Situations

Manager TLDR: Issue 13

One on One Meetings with Manager

Manager TLDR – Issue 12

Remote work, one-on-ones with your manager, and Netflix's high-performing company culture.

Manager TLDR – Issue 11

Strategic decisions, peer feedback, advice for new managers, and “Manager Voltrons".

Receive Constructive Feedback Work

Manager TLDR – Issue 10

Constructive feedback, questions for your first one-on-one meeting, and high-trust distributed teams.

Incorporating feedback into your team culture

Manager TLDR – Issue 9

Secret ways to weave feedback into your team’s DNA • Managing more experienced people • How to design the perfect meeting agenda • Introverted managers

Manager TLDR – Issue 8

New year, new leadership tips: Talent Management, Skip-Level Meetings, Best Practices for 2020, and Remote Software.

Manager TLDR – Issue 7

Fellow's Top 7 Blog Posts of 2019.