Google Meet AI Notetaker: 8 Tools To Automate Notes

Let AI take Google Meet notes while you focus on the conversation.

By Mikaela Friedrich  •   May 8, 2024  •   4 min read

Even adept leaders need help capturing every word in remote meetings. Manual notetaking diverts attention from the conversation, costs time and money, and means people might miss out on important details that could inform strategic decisions.

And while conferencing platforms like Google Meet have transcription options, pairing these tools with dedicated AI-powered notetakers means you get the best of both worlds: An effective video call platform and enhanced meeting notes. 

Read on to discover the best Google Meet AI notetakers so your team can enjoy distraction-free meetings and improved alignment.

How to use AI notetaking in Google Meet

The best way to use AI for notetaking is by pairing Google Meet with Fellow, an all-in-one AI-powered meeting management solution. Simply invite the Fellow AI Meeting Copilot to Google Meet or add the Google Meet extension to your browser. Then, follow these steps:

  1. Click on your profile in the top-left corner of the Fellow app and choose “Workspace settings.” Toggle the AI features on, and the Copilot will automatically transcribe conversations.
  2. Ensure the Copilot is scheduled to join your session by clicking the lightning bolt icon in the top-right corner and enabling “Auto-record.” Then, tap the purple “Record” button to the right. This button appears five minutes before the meeting’s scheduled start time. 
  3. A small popup window will appear once the meeting begins. Click it to let the Copilot in. It will start taking notes and creating action points, then offering summaries and recaps after the call.

Pro tip: While Fellow’s AI takes notes in real time, participants can jot down notes, comments, questions, and reactions in the shared meetings notes and privately.

8 best AI meeting notetakers for Google Meet

Here’s a curated list of the best AI notetakers for Google Meet, each with unique features to suit any team.


Fellow is an AI solution that seamlessly integrates with 50+ tools, like Google Meet, Asana, and Slack. The Fellow AI Meeting Copilot is a meeting assistant that automatically records, transcribes, and summarizes Google Meet conversations. It groups these notes into chapters and provides meeting outcomes like decisions and action items. All this information stays in your team’s recording library, offering a single source of truth for greater alignment. 

Plus, you can use the “Ask Copilot” feature to discover answers to questions like “What did I miss?” and “What should I follow up on in the next session?” This makes it easy for everyone to get value out of sessions—even the ones they miss.

Key features:

  • Dedicated Google Meet browser extension for real-time transcribing and recording
  • Google Calendar events that link to your notes and AI summaries for easy access
  • Over 500 customizable meeting templates

Pricing: Unlimited free version plan; trial includes five free recordings; premium plans start at $7/month


Krisp offers noise-canceling technology alongside its notetaking feature, ensuring transcriptions are accurate and unaffected by background noise. This tool works with multiple video conferencing platforms, including Google Meet, and is great for workers in loud environments.

Key features:

  • Noise-canceling to remove background noise, echoes, and overlapping voices
  • Automated, real-time transcription and meeting summaries

Pricing: Free version available with limited features; premium plans start at $8/month


Grain automatically joins Google Meet calendar events and generates notes in customizable templates. It creates video highlights showcasing the most important points and shares them with team members. The “Playlists and Reels” feature also makes recording training content for new hires easy.

Key features:

  • Generated shareable video highlights from notes
  • Coaching stats that measure talk time, longest monologues, filler words, and sentence speeds

Pricing: Free version available with basic features; premium plans start at $15/month


Tactiq’s automated Google Meet notetaking determines and labels focus points, insights, and next steps. It identifies speakers, and you can add screenshots to your transcriptions for better documentation.

Key features:

  • Over 30 supported languages
  • A Chrome browser extension for Google Meet

Pricing: Free version available; premium plans start at $8/month provides a Chrome extension that automates notetaking without bots joining your Google Meets. When you leave comments, the tool automatically creates a time-stamped note for employees to revisit.

Key features:

  • “Smart search” feature to find keywords, questions, topics, dates, and more
  • Generated shareable soundbites
  • Transcription for over 69 languages

Pricing: Free version available; paid plans start at $10/month


Rewatch turns Google Meet recordings into a searchable archive where teams can access notes anytime. Its AI automatically transcribes and categorizes notes, making it easy to find specific topics. And it can translate 30+ languages.

Key features:

  • AI-prompted notes for recurring and common meeting themes
  • Exportable Google Meet notes for instant sharing

Pricing: 14-day free trial; premium plans start at $23.75/month


Supernormal has a dedicated Google Meet browser extension that automatically transcribes notes and creates concise meeting summaries. It captures action items and has personalized templates for individuals, managers, and executives.

Key features:

  • Customizable templates
  • Easy integration with Google Calendar and other existing tools
  • Dedicated browser extension for live notetaking

Pricing: Free plan available; paid plans start at $10/month

8Read AI

Read AI automatically transcribes and organizes Google Meet notes in one place for easy sharing. It also learns from past meetings and recurring behavior to recommend the best times to schedule calls.

Key features:

  • Automatically generated topics for meetings
  • Summarized messages and emails
  • “Proposed answers” for questions through analysis of past meetings and common behavior

Pricing: Unlimited free plan available; premium plans start at $19.75/month

Why automate notetaking?

Here are some ways automated notetaking enhances team meetings: 

  • Extra time: Automated tools eliminate the need for manual notetaking, saving time and keeping everyone engaged in the conversation. Letting AI-driven resources capture every word also means executives can focus on strategic, high-level tasks rather than sifting through recordings or scribbled notes.
  • Higher efficiency: AI meeting tools take and organize notes automatically, streamlining the meeting follow-up process. Employees can refer to meeting minutes without wasting time, which is crucial for swift decision-making at every level.
  • More accurate notes: Human notetakers can miss details and misinterpret speech, especially during cross-talk and fast-paced conversations. Automated notetaking reduces mistakes by transcribing meetings word-for-word—just be sure to review AI-crafted notes post-call to confirm accuracy.
  • Real-time accessibility: Automated tools centralize notes, meaning team members can access transcriptions and action items no matter where they are. It’s also helpful for back-to-back meetings when you need to review a document before your next call.
  • Increased focus: Instead of switching between taking notes, talking, and updating agendas, everyone can focus on contributing.

How to optimize AI notetaking with Google Meet

Follow these best practices to make the most of Fellow’s notetaking feature:

  • Enable automatic transcription: Always turn on the automatic transcription feature in your Fellow AI Meeting Copilot to capture every word during the meeting. This creates a searchable record of each discussion, which is helpful when referencing decisions or sharing action items with others.
  • Hold meetings in quiet environments: Background noises like traffic and fan sounds interfere with AI transcriptions, making them less accurate. Take your Google Meet notes in a quiet environment, like a conference room, and ask employees to do the same.
  • Experiment with customizations: Fellow offers templates and features to suit your team and improve Google Meet notetaking. You can set the Copilot to share post-meeting recaps and pre-meeting reminders automatically, and it’ll even suggest canceling meetings if there are no pressing agenda items.
  • Use timestamps to find information quickly: Timestamps help you find specific parts of the meeting without reviewing entire transcripts or watching recordings. You can review important decisions, follow up on action items, and clarify misunderstandings.
  • Integrate with other tools: Fellow integrates with over 50 meeting, collaboration, and productivity platforms. You don’t need to download additional software—simply visit the integrations page and connect Fellow to your existing workflow.

Transcribe productive meetings with Fellow

Google Meet is a great tool for making remote team members feel like they’re in the same room. And when you add Fellow to the mix, you have a powerful AI solution for more productive meetings.

With features like auto-recording, Meeting Guidelines, templates, and summaries, Fellow provides everything needed to overcome video conferencing challenges. Try Fellow today.

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