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Develop great meeting habits and build alignment on project goals

Fellow helps Engineering managers run effective project check-ins, retrospectives, 1-on-1s and every other meeting in an Engineering manager’s calendar.

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Collaborative meetings

Foster open communication during the building process

Oftentimes, projects involve more than just engineers or developers. There are product managers, designers, and QA personnel that all have important things to contribute.

With Fellow, provide an opportunity for your team to remove blockers by asking clarifying questions and preventing miscommunications. Each person can add questions as talking points, embed Figma files, and create Jira tickets directly in your meeting note. 

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    Jira integration

    Stay in the know about your team’s progress

    You assigned a project to the Engineering team, but have no idea about their progress or how they plan on getting it done on time.

    With Fellow’s Jira integration, your team can use Fellow as a central hub to keep track of the tasks and Jira tickets that they’re working on – and the ones that they plan to work on the following week. 

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      Fellow connects with 100+ tools

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      Note history

      Keep a historical record of decisions and key takeaways

      As the Engineering team scales, it’s important to document learnings and decisions that come up during team meetings and project retrospectives.

      Use Fellow to build an accurate record of decisions and lessons shared during retrospective meetings – so your team always knows the context behind decisions.

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        Structure your 1-on-1s to build relationships

        One-on-one meetings are a great way to touch base with every team member. But sometimes these meetings go off track by becoming strictly status updates, or they get cancelled because there is nothing on the agenda. 

        Connect with your team by using the designated 1-on-1 section in Fellow. Both manager and direct report can add their own talking points and notes. If you can’t think of anything to talk about, Fellow provides suggested topics that you can add in. 

        Regardless, you’ll empower your team to prepare and feel involved in the process.

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