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AI-Led Meetings: From Taking Notes To Driving Decision-Making

Streamline organizational efficiency with AI-led meetings and uncover how AI meeting managers can automate tasks and increase productivity.

By Jess Napp  •   March 22, 2024  •   7 min read

Envision a well-run meeting as a finely orchestrated performance. Every participant must assume their designated role for the meeting to proceed smoothly. At its core, you have the meeting organizer, the facilitator, the note-taker, and the timekeeper. Depending on the meeting’s nature, additional roles may be required.

Imagine the potential for enhancing operational efficiency and meeting effectiveness while lightening the workload for team members. You can optimize productivity by adopting AI-driven meeting software, allowing everyone to fully engage in discussions while ensuring comprehensive notes and time savings. Discover the transformative impact of AI-led meetings on workplace dynamics and outcomes.

What is an AI meeting manager?

An AI meeting manager is your virtual helping hand that uses AI to support you in all meeting endeavors. It can assist you with everything from planning to conducting the meeting, as well as the crucial details like notetaking. 

Here are some key benefits of AI meeting managers: 

  • Better meeting preparation. An AI meeting assistant, like Fellow, can help you create a thorough agenda for team meetings. You can fully delegate the creation of a perfect agenda to your new AI workplace companion. Fellow’s AI agenda generator is built to help you generate headings and talking points for your meeting based on the meeting title and the calendar description.
  • Enhanced collaboration. Your employees can live down the street or halfway across the world in remote and hybrid working environments. That’s a lot of time zones! Keep everyone included with AI smart scheduling, which looks at meeting participants’ calendars to select the best date and time. If times don’t align, your virtual assistant can take notes so everyone can catch up later.
  • Increased productivity after the meeting. Great meetings lead to clear action items and next steps. With AI, you can maintain that positive meeting momentum after your gathering. Your AI meeting manager can immediately follow up with everyone by sending a meeting summary highlighting what’s next.

The most integrated AI meeting manager

Say goodbye to disjointed AI tools with Fellow, the only all-in-one AI meeting transcription and management software for remote and hybrid teams. Fellow’s advanced AI meeting summaries, recording, and transcription are seamlessly integrated into your meeting workflow and favorite tools, so everything is in one place.

The increasing role of AI in meeting note-taking

Given AI’s ever-growing popularity, people are finding new ways to use this exciting technology, and note-taking is a great place to start. Leaders should use AI to take meeting notes, so your team members can focus on the conversation. 

Studies show that multitasking reduces productivity, so why slow down workflow when you could use automatic meeting notes tools instead? With these tools, you can generate hands-off AI meeting notes and edit the transcript after your meeting. You’ll get thorough notes without interrupting your workflows.

The impact of AI on the workplace

AI has had a tremendous impact on the modern workplace. Here are three ways AI has changed the working world as we know it. 

  • Using automation to improve productivity. With an AI meeting manager, you’ll give your team space to focus on the bigger picture without getting lost in little tasks. You’ll free up your team members’ time and increase productivity across your organization. 41% of participants in a recent study said they use AI to give their team members time back for more valuable work.
  • Automating administrative tasks through tech. Administrative tasks are notorious time-sucks. To increase productivity within your organization, delegate these tedious tasks to AI tools. Your AI tools can analyze everyone’s calendars and schedule the ideal time for a meeting instead.
  • Working with changing tech to better communication. Today’s digital age has made communication easier than ever, so why not take advantage of that? AI meeting tools send meeting summaries to team members in different time zones. You can consult these resources yourself instead of waking up your teammate on another continent to ask questions. 

How to use AI to take meeting minutes

Your team can use AI to take meeting minutes and meeting notes. While both these documents are records of the meeting, meeting minutes are more formal and provide a full transcript. They’re great for team members worldwide who could use a full recap of a missed meeting. 

AI for meeting minutes keeps everyone informed without assigning someone the painstaking job of transcribing an entire conversation. Check out three key ways in which AI works when taking meeting minutes. 

  • As a note-taking tool. With today’s tech, it’s simple to use AI to take meeting notes. Make sure that whatever platform your organization uses to host your meetings has AI features. For example, you can use Fellow’s AI Meeting Copilot as effortless meeting note-taking software on popular platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet.
  • As a summarization tool. Let’s say you want to summarize the discussion with a neat synopsis. With an AI meeting summary tool like Fellow’s AI Meeting Copilot, you can do that and even automate outcomes and action items based on the conversation. This gives team members the chance to get up to speed quickly. 
  • As a transcription tool. An AI transcription tool can create both informal meeting notes and formal meeting minutes. You’ll get a full transcript and a more digestible record of notes, key decisions, and action items. 

5 ways AI can revolutionize team meetings

AI is paving the way forward, from powering up your weekly scrum meeting to fueling your most effective staff meetings. Here are five ways you can use AI can take your team to the next level.

  • Improve collaboration. You want your team to be as present as possible during your meetings. When introducing AI-led meetings, you focus your team’s attention on the conversation at hand instead of transcribing the conversation. Your AI meeting manager takes notes instead of your team doing so — no more rotating the focus-draining task of meeting notetaker during your gatherings. 
  • Analyze data to make better decisions. To make your meetings efficient, don’t just stop after you send out your meeting notes—look at the meeting data. With Fellow, you can optimize your meetings with a meeting cost calculator that shows you which meetings are needed and which are wasting your team’s time and money. 
  • Make smarter decisions. Meetings should have a game plan, or they’re not doing your organization any favors. When you use automated meeting agendas that keep people on track, you streamline all your decision-making. You’ll make it easier to keep everyone on the same page and discuss all your talking points within the allotted time. 
  • Invite only the most important people. Sometimes, a meeting is necessary, but only certain people must be present. For your team members who have an optional invitation, use Fellow’s AI Meeting Copilot to automatically send them a summary afterward. 
  • Close the communication gap. When you close the loop on communication and keep everyone informed, you’re more likely to achieve great things at work. You can share talking points with your team in advance or generate custom AI-generated meeting agendas. This way, everyone comes into your conversation prepared. If they have to miss it, it’s no big deal either—your AI manager will take notes. 

Transform team meeting prep
without sacrificing quality

Set the stage for productive team meetings without agonizing over the perfect agenda with Fellow. Fellow’s AI Meeting Copilot takes cues from the meeting title, previous meeting notes, and attendees to help build thoughtful, relevant meeting structures with topics and talking points for collaborators right where meetings happen.

How to use AI for meeting analysis

Use the below steps to get AI in on your meeting analysis. 

  • Pick your AI tool. Ensure your AI meeting assistant can wear multiple hats and produce quality results. You’ll want it to automatically generate meeting agendas, notes, transcripts, and summaries. Make sure you’re considering a tool or software that abides by your organization’s security and privacy compliance standards.
  • Record your meetings. Check that your AI meeting tool creates accurate transcripts for you and your team. 
  • Review and analyze the transcript. Next, review the transcript actually to learn from your meeting afterward. Ask yourself, what could you have done differently?
  • Make changes based on what you’ve learned. Use your most valuable insights to power your next meeting. Fellow’s workspace analytics can help you gain insight into your organization’s meeting productivity patterns, making it even easier to pinpoint what to improve for more efficiency. 

Making meetings matter with Fellow’s AI Meeting Copilot

With AI, every meeting is effective. You can perfect the art of running a seamless team meeting that’s both efficient and cost-effective. Say goodbye to meetings that could have been emails with AI agendas, notes, transcripts, and summaries that get the job done. 

With Fellow’s AI Meeting Copilot, which features AI transcriptions and AI meeting summaries,  you’ll work smarter instead of harder. Alongside AI, Fellow’s time-saving meeting agenda templates and integrated meeting policy prompts ensure you always hit the mark. You’ll have everyone in the loop and ready to collaborate—and build something great. 

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