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8 Best AI Meeting Summary Tools to Streamline Your Workflow

Discover how to streamline organizational efficiency and productivity with these 8 AI meeting summary tools.

By Brier Cook  •   March 21, 2024  •   6 min read

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing work daily, presenting new opportunities for advancement. As executive leaders, it’s essential to embrace AI to streamline operations and deliver exceptional results in your organization.

Incorporating AI tools for virtual meeting recaps and summaries into your organization’s workflow can be a strategic move toward enhancing efficiency. Below are the 10 best AI meeting summary tools your organization can leverage.

What are AI meeting summaries? 

An AI meeting summary is a brief overview of the key points discussed in meetings created using artificial intelligence. Also called automated meeting notes, AI meeting summaries are either generated in real-time or post-meeting. Great AI meeting tools can record your meetings and provide real-time transcription, take automated meeting notes, track decisions and highlights, summarize your meeting, and identify meeting action items.

Keep an accurate record of discussions and
decisions with AI meeting summaries

Revisit discussions and align around next steps with Fellow, an all-in-one AI meeting transcription and management software for remote and hybrid teams. In addition to transcriptions and recordings, Fellow’s AI meeting summaries capture key decisions and discussions and identify key takeaways and action items. Fellow allows you to easily share summaries, along with meeting recordings and full transcripts within minutes of meetings ending.

8 best tools for AI meeting summaries

While each tool mentioned has noteworthy AI capabilities, achieving exceptional meeting summaries hinges on conducting productive meetings—and that’s where Fellow shines.

1 Fellow: The best solution for AI meeting summaries

Fellow is the only all-in-one AI meeting transcription and management software for remote and hybrid teams that unifies your meeting notes, calendar events, action items and meeting summaries. The Fellow AI Meeting Copilot auto-joins and generates a transcript to produce a summary highlighting the key points of what was discussed.

Fellow’s AI Meeting Copilot summarizes the meeting into digestible chapters, each with its own mini-overview of key events. Based on the conversation, Fellow will automatically identify any action items and suggested assignees, questions, and decisions, effortlessly automating any meeting outcomes.

Your meeting recording, summary, and searchable transcript are embedded at the top of your meeting notes, making them easy to access and review after the meeting.

Fellow is the only AI meeting tool that centralizes the entire meeting workflow (from preparation to follow-up) into one functional hub, so everything is in one place. Native integrations with over 50 productivity tools mean that tasks and statuses are up-to-date and only a click away.

Learn more about Fellow’s plans

Pricing: Starts at $7 per user per month, with free plan available

Rating and reviews: 4.7/5 star rating on G2 with 2,049 reviews. is an AI-powered virtual assistant that attends your meetings, takes notes, generates transcripts, and summarizes key takeaways. It generates transcripts and subtitles for videos or audio and integrates with 40+ productivity, calendar, and project management tools.


  • Ability to create time-stamped notes and leave comments on different parts of the call
  • Embeddable transcript in other productivity tools
  • Insights and analytics of conversation topics, speakers, sentiment


  • Free plan does not include the AI summary function
  • Limited priority support based on the plan


  • Free—$0 USD/month
  • Pro—$10 USD/month (per seat when billed annually)
  • Business—$19 USD/month (per seat when billed annually)
  • Enterprise—$39 USD/month (per seat when billed annually)

Rating and reviews: 4.7/5 star rating on G2 with 338 reviews


Laxis is an AI meeting assistant that empowers sales, product, and revenue teams by using AI to transcribe, capture, and extract key insights from customer interactions and meetings.


  • Laxis AI writer auto-generates summaries, follow-up emails, customer requirements, and updates
  • LaxisChat answers any questions about previous conversations


  • Laxis AI writer meeting summaries are only available to premium users
  • Slower support for more affordable plans
  • Limited integrations, no calendar syncing available


  • Basic—$0 USD/month
  • Premium—$15.99 USD/month
  • Business—$29.99 USD/month
  • Enterprise—contact sales

Rating and reviews: 4.9/5 star rating on G2 with 25 reviews


Otter is a virtual assistant with features like audio recording, note-taking, and slide capturing. It uses AI to write automatic meeting notes and summaries using real-time transcription so you can make decisions faster. It integrates with other popular tools like Google and Microsoft Calendar and can join and record meetings on video-conferencing tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet as well. 


  • Real-time recording, transcription, and chat functions
  • Otter AI Chat can answer questions or generate emails and status updates


  • No separate note-taking features
  • Limited accuracy with multiple speakers


  • Basic—$0/month
  • Pro—$10 USD/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Business—$20 USD/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Enterprise—contact sales

Rating and reviews: 4.2/5 star rating on G2 with 172 reviews


Sembly is a tool that can automatically transcribe your meetings and create notes from them. It offers features like “deep insights” for meetings, automatic meeting notes and summaries, and automated follow-ups with team members for each meeting. If a team member can’t attend an important session, Sembly can attend on the individual’s behalf, take great notes, and summarize key decisions for them. 


  • Lists potential risks and issues discussed in meetings
  • Attends meetings as a proxy on behalf


  • Limited live demos and webinars to higher-tier plans
  • Insights provided by AI are often not very actionable
  • Limited analytics


  • Personal—$0/month
  • Pro—$10 USD/month (per user with a 7-day free trial)
  • Team—$20 USD/month (per user with a 7-day free trial)
  • Enterprise—Contact sales for custom pricing for 40+ users

Rating and reviews: 4.6/5 star rating on G2 with 33 reviews


Avoma is an AI-powered meeting and conversational intelligence assistant that transcribes meetings, highlights key moments, and generates notes.


  • Can also schedule meetings and allows access to team calendars
  • Auto-scores calls for improved coaching


  • More expensive than other AI assistants


  • Starter—$0/month
  • Pro pricing on a sliding scale starting at $22 USD/month for 1,000 minutes

Rating and reviews: 4.6/5 star rating on G2 with 1,102 reviews


Fathom is an AI tool that records, transcribes, highlights and summarizes your meetings so you can focus on your conversation instead of your notes. When each call ends, Fathom gives you instant access to the transcription of the call recording, along with all your highlighted moments. Then, you can copy and paste your perfectly formatted summaries and action items into Google Docs or your favorite project management tool for easy access. 


  • Generates different summaries by changing templates
  • Identifies performance metrics from calls for training purposes


  • Only has speaker view
  • Limited capability to organize meetings


  • Free (only for individuals)—$0 USD/month
  • Standard—$24 USD/month (per user)
  • Pro—$29 USD/month (per user)

Rating and reviews: 5/5 star rating on G2 with 2,148 reviews


Jamie is an AI note-taker and assistant that transcribes and creates meeting summaries in business-writing quality. It also summarizes any tasks and decisions from the discussion. You can also ask Jamie any questions about past meetings.


  • No meeting bot, just records and processes the audio from your meetings
  • Can teach it custom words and acronyms for increased accuracy


  • No video recordings
  • Requires separate installation of a native app


  • Standard—24€/month
  • Pro—47€/month
  • Executive—99€/month

Rating and reviews: 4.9/5 star rating on G2 with 15 reviews

Elevate your meeting summaries with Fellow AI

Meeting summaries are important as they allow all team members to have a reference point to track important discussions. If you’re looking to save time, look no further than Fellow.

Take your meeting summaries to the next level with Fellow, the only all-in-one AI meeting transcription and management software built for remote and hybrid teams. Seamlessly capture, organize, and share key insights from your meetings, enhancing collaboration and productivity for your organization. Get started with Fellow today!

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