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12 Integrations to Boost Your Productivity

See which of these 12 integrations you can integrate with to make the most of the project management tool.

By Brier Cook  •   June 29, 2023  •   7 min read

When you integrate multiple digital tools, you allow systems to work together efficiently. Integrations can enable companies to streamline workflows, improve their data accuracy, and streamline their operations. 

Read on to learn more about and 12 tools that you can easily integrate with the platform to increase efficiency. 

What is is a project management solution that offers a suite of services to help with functions like marketing, human resources, customer relationship management (CRM), and operations. The platform aims to simplify the way your team works together through an array of features. Some key features include templates, project data visualizations and dashboards, project automation, customer support, and integrations with a variety of apps you already use and love. 

12 must-try integrations 


Key features:

At Fellow, we believe that great teams begin with great meetings. Our top-rated meeting management software allows teammates to work together to power meaningful one-on-ones, team meetings, feedback sessions, and productive work sessions. 

Fellow integrates with many digital tools (including so you can sync your action items and tasks across meetings, to-do lists, and boards. Our integration with can enhance cross-functional collaboration at your company by keeping everyone on the same page with tasks and automatically syncing them across tools.  

Pricing: Starts at $7 per user per month

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Reviews and ratings: 4.7/5 star rating on G2 with 1,573 reviews

Run efficient meetings, come to a decision, and get back to work

Level up your meeting habits to boost engagement and productivity with a collaborative meeting agenda. Try a tool like Fellow!


Key features:

Slack is a popular messaging tool that employees can use to connect with individuals outside of their team and company. The platform’s main features include messaging capabilities, channels to organize work and conversations, Slack Connect to collaborate with external stakeholders, and Canvas to find, manage, and share knowledge with ease. Slack integrates with so you can embed boards into your MS Teams account and search and share your data from boards into conversations on the messaging app. 


  • Free—$0/month 
  • Pro—$7.25 USD/month 
  • Business+—$12.50 USD/month 
  • Enterprise Grid—contact sales for pricing

Reviews and ratings: 4.5/5 star rating on G2 with 31,497 reviews


3Microsoft Teams

Key features:

MS Teams is Microsoft’s messaging app that offers video conferencing, file and app sharing, and an array of communication and collaboration tools. offers one-way integration with MS Teams, meaning you can notify your team’s channels when actions are created, a due date is approaching, or updates are made.


  • Free—$0/month
  • Microsoft Teams Essentials—$4 USD/month (per user with an annual subscription)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basics—$6 USD/month (per user with an annual subscription)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard—$12.50 USD/month (per user with an annual subscription)

Reviews and ratings: 4.3/5 star rating on G2 with 13,890 reviews

4Google Calendar

Key features:

Google Calendar is Google’s calendar application that teams can use to schedule meetings and events as well as set reminders about upcoming activities. Using’s integration for Google Calendar, you can create calendar events based on information on a board or vice versa. You can also automatically add tasks to Google Calendar so that no task is forgotten on busy days. 


  • Business Starter—$6 USD/month (per user with a one-year commitment)*
  • Business Standard—$12 USD/month (per user with a one-year commitment)*
  • Business Plus—$18 USD/month (per user with a one-year commitment)*

*These prices are for Google Workspace

Reviews and ratings: 4.6/5 star rating on G2 with 40,521 reviews (reviews and ratings are for Google Workspace)


Key features:

Twilio is a customer engagement platform meant to help software developers create customer experiences through building blocks. Users can build real-time video and audio applications in minutes for fields such as telemedicine, distance learning, recruitment, and more.’s integration with Twilio allows individuals to send and receive messages based on changes made to their boards. 


  • Twilio Engage—Customized pricing based on your needs
  • Twilio Segment—Starts at $120 USD/month for up to 10k visitors per month
  • Twilio Flex—5000 hours free. $1 USD/active user hour or $150 USD/named user per month

Reviews and ratings: 4.4/5 star rating on G2 with 426 reviews


Key features:

Paperform is an online form builder teams can use to create forms that look like landing pages. It offers a variety of professional templates and an easy-to-use interface so teams can create forms for bookings, payments, events, onboarding processes, and more. When integrated with, you can use Paperform to populate specific requests as new items to boards. 


  • Essentials—$20 USD/month (when billed annually)
  • Pro—$40 USD/month (when billed annually)
  • Agency—$135 USD/month (when billed annually)

Reviews and ratings: 4.5/5 star rating on G2 with 42 reviews


Key features:

Jira is an agile project management tool for teams to track issues, manage projects, and automate workflows. With Jira’s integration for, users can export product roadmaps to create actionable tasks. The integration also allows individuals to send automatic notifications to teammates when there are changes to due dates and other updates as well as easily create Jira tickets from customer support tickets that come from  


  • Free—$0/month (for up to 10 users)
  • Standard—$7.75 USD/month (estimated)
  • Premium—$15.25 USD/month (estimated)
  • Enterprise—contact sales for pricing

Reviews and ratings: 4.3/5 star rating on G2 with 5,349 reviews



Key features:

Mailchimp is a marketing platform for teams to manage and chat with clients, customers, and other company stakeholders. It offers an array of email marketing and creative tools as well as marketing automation and insights and analytics features. With Mailchimp’s integration, you can seamlessly transfer customer data from one platform to the other so you can view, alter, and transform it into actionable tasks. 


  • Free—$0/month 
  • Premium—Starts at $350 USD/month
  • Standard—Starts at $20 USD/month
  • Essentials—Starts at $13 USD/month

Reviews and ratings: 4.3/5 star rating on G2 with 12,351 reviews


Key features:

HubSpot is a CRM platform that offers several software, integrations, and resources teams need to connect their marketing, sales, content management, and customer service processes. When integrated with, HubSpot allows teams to share data from their project boards with the CRM and vice versa. Users can also customize the integration to organize data in ways that work best for their team and company. 


  • Professional—Starts at $2,082 USD/month (when billed annually)*
  • Enterprise—Starts at $6,522 USD/month (when billed annually)*

*These prices are for HubSpot CRM Suite for businesses and enterprises

Reviews and ratings: 4.4/5 star rating on G2 with 10,371 reviews (reviews and ratings are for HubSpot Sales Hub)


Key features:

DocuSign is a document signing software that teams can use to securely collect approvals online. It features reusable templates and uses the strongest data encryption to meet some of the most stringent global security standards. When combined with, DocuSign enables teams to automatically send documents that need to be signed from boards to the appropriate individuals. 


  • Personal—$10 USD/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Standard—$25 USD/month (per user when billed annually)
  • Business Pro—$40 USD/month (per user when billed annually)

Reviews and ratings: 4.5/5 star rating on G2 with 2,057 reviews


Key features:

Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM software designed to help companies find and land more clients and impress customers. It features account and contact management, opportunity management, and sales and lead management among other functionalities. offers two-way integration with Salesforce, so users can track lead-specific data in the work management platform and automatically filter and map leads. 


  • Essentials—$25 USD/month (per user)
  • Professional—$75 USD/month (per user)
  • Enterprise—$150 USD/month (per user) 
  • Unlimited—$300 USD/month (per user) 

Reviews and ratings: 4.3/5 star rating on G2 with 14,595 reviews (reviews and ratings are for Salesforce Sales Cloud)


Key features:

Todoist is a task management application for individuals and teams to keep track of personal and professional tasks, create lists, and collaborate on projects. When combined with, Todoist allows project information from one tool to be synced, updated, and even completed from the other. 


  • Free – $0/month
  • Pro – $5 USD/month (per user, billed annually)
  • Business – $8 USD/month (per user, billed annually)

Reviews and ratings: 4.4/5 star rating on G2 with 754 reviews 


Parting advice is an effective tool for managing and executing projects. Its many integrations with other tools make it easy to level up your team’s productivity and manage everyday tasks collaboratively.

Our advice: Use meetings as your productivity superpower. Before you integrate with any other tool, combine it with Fellow to host incredible one-on-ones, team sessions, and cross-functional meetings that will empower everyone to deliver outstanding results.

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