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AI Notes Generator: Tips for Effective AI-Generated Notes

AI has transformed the note-taking process. Explore how AI notes generators can revolutionize productivity and collaboration.

By Micky Treutlein  •   April 2, 2024  •   6 min read

Artificial intelligence has grown lightyears in terms of its capabilities. While this rapid technological advancement has fueled innovation, it has also automated some of the most mundane tasks. AI can lend a powerful hand to routine responsibilities, improving collaboration, saving time, and increasing productivity. Real-time note-taking is one of AI’s most useful inventions for organizations and teams. 

AI note generators are a valuable tool for every meeting. These algorithms turn data pulled from live meetings into detailed notes without anyone needing to raise a finger. The best tools for AI note-taking make it easier to focus on the discussion. Plus, they help you and your team stay on the same page even after the meeting ends. Below is a deep dive into the benefits of AI note-taking, its mechanics, and tips for effectively using this new tool.

Why use an AI notes generator? 

Automated meeting notes tools cover four main benefits. Some applications do this better than others, but their fundamental design is to aid in productivity, accuracy, accessibility, and automation. 

1Improved productivity

Using AI to take notes during meetings lets you focus on the discussion. For efficiency’s sake, what’s spoken will be transcribed in real-time and can be summarized post-event. Knowing you can focus on the current discussion instead of manual writing frees up energy for critical thinking and effective collaboration during the meeting.

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2Enhanced accuracy

Incomplete or inaccurate notes lead to confusion and misalignment. AI removes understandable human error from the equation, transcribing and summarizing content more factually. With more organized notes, AI can capture key points and action items during the meeting so that everyone knows the next to-do’s.

3Increased accessibility

Because AI notes can be accessed anytime and anywhere, it’s much easier to bring anyone who has missed the event up to speed. It can serve as a reference library even for those who could attend. If you want to revisit a discussed topic, you can search the transcribed notes.

In contrast, going through notes by hand to find something important or manually sharing your notes can be inefficient. Making copies or retracing your steps is prone to delays and risks important points falling through the cracks. 

4Automated writing

As AI notes generators reduce the need for manual note-taking, it has a domino effect. Your team’s time is more open for tasks that need attention, improving your organization’s entire workflow

The impact of an AI notes generator 

There are never enough hours in the day to get everything done, but thanks to AI note-taking, you can get some valuable time back. This opens up the opportunity to balance your organization’s resource allocation. It also reduces stress while increasing focus for individual team members.

Additionally, with the right prompts, team members can tailor meeting summaries to their needs. Algorithms help summarize complex topics into more easily digestible content, helping participants understand what was discussed more clearly. Even after the meeting, participants can walk away with key action points. 

Centralized notes can be invaluable today, where most meetings are held digitally. AI can share notes, capture insights from interactions, and instantly share information across an organization. 

All in all, meetings held with AI note-takers can maximize everyone’s time. AI meeting tools can be effective before, during, and long after the event. 

How do AI note generators work? 

Note-taking apps powered by AI rely on two main technological ingredients: machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). Machine learning means AI can continue connecting the dots with every new piece of data without any new programming. 

NLP is an algorithm set that helps AI understand and interpret how we speak and write. It analyzes speech patterns, syntax, and nuances to attribute meaning. This can cover emails, text messages, video, audio, and more. This can take effect in real time or after an event. With this advanced method of comprehending human language, AI can also use image recognition that collects text from pictures.

When combined, these technological advances can mimic human critical thinking and instantly generate intelligent results from an overwhelming amount of data. AI note-takers ensure accuracy and show the bigger picture from multiple angles. 

Tips for effective AI meeting note-taking 

Writing effective meeting minutes is important for all teams, whether it’s a large group or one-on-one meeting. AI meeting minute tools do much of the work for you, from recording to organizing the content. But there are some human tips and tricks to help you make AI work even better for you. 

1Choose the right tool

There are many AI note-taking tools out there, and what works for one organization may not work for yours. A powerful AI note-taker should be extremely accurate and generate high-quality text based on your specific prompts. The more advanced platforms can also seamlessly flow with your organization’s programs.

With Fellow’s AI Meeting Copilot, your meeting recordings, transcriptions, and summaries are all linked to your meeting notes and calendar events, so you can skip a meeting and access them without missing any context, decisions, or next steps.

2Use the right prompt

A prompt is a short phrase that guides AI to generate analyzed text or an answer for you. Consider it your data input, while your AI results are the output. This also means that the more detailed your prompt is, the more useful results you’ll get. 

Prompts are most often questions about a specific set of text. Other common prompts help summarize notes to topline the meeting quickly, organize notes into sections, and identify key points. You can also request the AI note-taking app to “rewrite the text in simpler terms,” making complex topics simpler to understand within seconds. 

3Remember AI is just a tool

As advanced as artificial intelligence note-taking is, it’s only an aid for a critically-thinking human mind. Review what your AI colleague produces and see if you need to refine things.

Seamless AI note-taking with Fellow 

Fellow’s all-in-one AI Meeting Copilot easily works with your existing workflow and favorite tools. In addition to accurately capturing every discussion, your AI Copilot automates meeting summaries, organizes talking points, and generates next steps based on what was discussed. Fellow can generate AI meeting agendas automatically, providing custom talking points and relevant topics to prompt meaningful discussions. 

Automatic note-takers have become an integral part of the digital age. If you want to revolutionize hybrid, remote, and on-site meetings with a tool beyond transcription, get started with Fellow today.

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