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Harness the power of AI to save time, get inspired, and enable efficient meeting preparation. Get AI-generated suggested agendas, topics, and talking points right where your meetings happen.

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Save meeting preparation time without sacrificing quality

Set the stage for productive meetings without agonizing over the perfect agenda. Your AI meeting assistant takes cues from your meeting title, previous meeting notes, and attendees to help build thoughtful, relevant meeting structures with topics and talking points for collaborators. AI prompts help further refine agendas.

Get custom recommendations to prompt meaningful discussions

Agenda topics and suggested talking points are tailored to every individual meeting and participant—making it easier for attendees to be active and engaged. Customize the tone of a meeting with AI prompts, and make any necessary changes to the AI-generated meeting agenda to make meeting agendas a perfect fit for desired outcomes.

Elevate meeting quality across your entire organization

With AI-generated agendas, every meeting organizer has the ability to easily create meeting agendas that raise the bar when it comes to meeting quality and move work forward.

“I’m generally an AI skeptic, but we used the Fellow AI meeting assistant and it was really good. The AI summary is truly sublime.”

Mike Landman

Founder & CEO at Ripple

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