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6 AI Project Management Tools: A Comprehensive Overview

AI can boost seamless project execution, accountability, and efficiency. Discover the best AI tools for project management with our guide!

By Rachel Ehrenberg  •   March 12, 2024  •   7 min read

It’s no secret that project management plays an important role in any organization. After all, it’s how you deliver projects successfully and meet your goals. However, with so many moving parts—complex scheduling, budgeting, data analysis—staying on top of everything can be challenging. 

You’ve probably experienced the overwhelming feeling of juggling multiple teams and projects, which seems nearly impossible. One solution: Use an artificial intelligence (AI) project management tool for seamless project execution. You’ll boost productivity, improve your decision-making, and become the best manager possible. 

How AI boosts project execution

AI can automate workflows, reduce repetitive tasks and provide valuable insights through data analysis. What used to take you hours to complete can now be done within minutes! Check out some incredible and useful ways AI can improve your project execution:

  • Helps with scheduling and planning. An AI scheduler assist in setting dates and deadlines for tasks and the entire project. It quickly identifies potential hiccups and offers suggestions to keep everything—and everyone—on track.
  • Automates tasks. An AI task manager does everything from tracking project progress to writing reports. It also gives real-time updates and insights to help identify risks and make decisions. 
  • Efficiencies and productivity. AI gathers all your info in one place, integrates with other software systems, and checks for errors. It’s both a time-saver and a game-changer for keeping your project info organized. With AI productivity tools, many of your tasks are automated, and your data is analyzed at lightning speed. Plus, you’ll see personalized insights with just a click, helping you achieve more in less time. 

Boost project execution and efficiency

Don’t let scattered information and manual processes hinder your project progress. Streamline your project management with Fellow, the only all-in-one AI meeting transcription and management software for remote and hybrid teams. With Fellow’s seamless native integrations, keep AI transcriptions, summaries, and action items in sync while improving efficiency across your team.

What to consider when choosing an AI project management tool 

There are four key factors to consider when choosing an AI project management tool:

  1. What you need. Identify your organization’s exact project management challenges so you can pick an AI that directly addresses them. Think about the types of data you work with, your team size, your project complexity, and your highest-priority AI features. Knowing your goals and needs as you choose a new AI tool can help you narrow down your options.
  2. AI features. An AI platform’s offerings can make or break your AI project life cycle. Look for features such as predictive analytics, automated decision-making, resource management, scheduling and planning tools, task management, and collaboration. 
  3. Integration and interoperability. The best AI platforms for project management easily link with your team’s communication and collaboration platforms, file managers, and CRM software for smooth data sharing. 
  4. User interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Choosing a tool with intuitive UI and UX makes learning the system that much easier. You’ll spend less time getting to know the features and more time planning your project strategy. 

How do AI project management tools work? 

AI project management tools build on human capabilities and improve your operational efficiency. They use machine learning algorithms to handle all your data analysis, giving you valuable time back to spend on overarching project strategy.

Managers use AI to delegate tasks, handle administrative work, analyze data, create reports, manage resources, and improve team collaboration. Think of it as your own personal assistant that saves you buckets of time and hassle. 

AI project management tools also excel at technical tasks, giving you more bandwidth to focus on your most critical assignments. AI oversees your risk assessment by monitoring project progress and key performance indicators (KPIs) such as budgets, timelines, and resource usage. It also gives you valuable insights from previous projects, allowing you to switch up your approach based on what has and hasn’t worked. 

6 best AI project management tools

Here are some of the best AI project management tools to incorporate into your organization:


Fellow is here to help you organize and manage your projects and meetings for peak operational efficiency. This all-in-one AI meeting transcription and management software for remote and hybrid teams assists with your project management needs to help you succeed. Fellow uniquely offers seamless integrations with your favorite project management, calendar, and communication tools to keep all your information current and up to date across your workflow.

With Fellow’s powerful AI Meeting Copilot, you can also automatically record, transcribe, and summarize every project meeting. Within minutes of the meeting, you’ll be equipped with a searchable transcript and comprehensive AI-generated summary of the meeting that automatically identifies action items from the conversation. This ensures accountability for project tasks and automates follow-ups, taking that manual task off your plate. The AI agenda builder can also generate custom-fit agendas based on previous meetings to ensure you cover every topic and talking point necessary to move the project along.

Fellow’s features for collaborative meeting notes, action items, and meeting templates, such as this one for product sync meetings, enable your project teams to stay synced, track meeting decisions in one place, and ensure actionable outcomes in every meeting. Now, everyone can stay in the loop on the project’s progress.

Get started with Fellow to elevate your project planning process. There’s a free plan, and paid plans start at $7 per user per month.


ClickUp is a project management platform that uses AI to simplify complex projects and improve team collaboration. With a suite of AI-powered tools focused on optimizing team productivity, time management, and workflow alignment, ClickUp streamlines tasks and processes for better efficiency. Key features include an AI writing assistant, AI-generated recap reports, and automated project scheduling. ClickUp offers a free plan as well as paid plans starting at $7 per user per month. is a process management solution tailored to refine workflows and automate project tasks. This flexible AI handles repetitive tasks and boosts productivity. Focusing on efficient knowledge sharing, it improves project tracking, uses advanced data analytics, and supports integrations. plans begin at $100 per month for five users. You can also build a custom plan to give your organization what it needs. 

4Project Planner

Project Planner combines powerful AI with online project management tools to keep team members up-to-date during each project phase. It helps with organizing projects, tracking deadlines, and maintaining progress. Project Planner summarizes each team member’s work and provides real-time insights to aid with decision-making. A 14-day trial is free with no user caps, and subscriptions start at $6 per user per month.

5Project Insight

Project Insight centralizes tasks, projects, and collaboration in one online platform. Your team can track and enter time for all projects, giving you a simple way to monitor progress. Project Insight automatically adjusts and reschedules tasks when there’s a change in status. It includes real-time budgeting and data analytics, plus there’s a free trial with paid plans starting at $9 per month. 


Wrike is a project management tool that creates visuals, allocates resources, and centralizes communication to carry out project plans. It can assign tasks according to performance and capacity, measure effort and budget, and track progress. Its customizable dashboard shows due dates, to-do lists, and more.  

For teams just getting started, Wrike has a free plan for an unlimited number of users. If your team is growing, Wrike offers plans starting at $9.80 per user per month. 

4 practical uses for AI in project management

If you’re still curious about using AI for project management, here are some practical ways to do it.

1Automated note-taking

Worrying about keeping minutes and listening to important updates is a thing of the past when you have an automated note-taker. AI note-taking tools jot down meeting minutes, action items, and key insights so you don’t have to. With AI project management platforms’ note-taker tools, your team can drive projects forward with greater clarity and problem-solving skills. 

2Agenda creation

AI-powered agenda creation has ushered in a new era of efficiency and organization. By analyzing past meetings and prioritizing topics, AI tools suggest agenda items tailored to your team’s goals and objectives. A proper agenda helps keep everyone focused on the conversation at hand. 

3Meeting transcripts

Any team member who misses a meeting will be grateful to have an AI assistant transcribing meetings in real-time. Your entire meeting, or just part of it, can be accurately documented—every word of it. This gives you a complete record of everything discussed so you can effortlessly reference it all and follow up meaningfully. Anyone who’s unable to attend can also read the transcripts to stay informed on all the details. 

4Meeting summaries

Writing meeting summaries can be time-consuming and tedious unless AI is involved. AI project management software analyzes meeting discussions, finds key points, and churns out concise AI summaries. With AI at the wheel, your team will know what’s next post-meeting with clarity and confidence.

Transformative insights with Fellow 

Revolutionize your meetings and elevate your team’s productivity with Fellow’s innovative AI meeting tools. With Fellow’s action items feature, assigning tasks and monitoring project progress becomes effortless. Starting from a Fellow meeting agenda template, such as the project coordinator daily check-in template, makes it easier to discuss and track your team’s progress, too. 

Whether you’re leading a small startup or a large corporation, Fellow streamlines the entire process and makes your workday less stressful—and your team’s more productive. Take control with Fellow’s AI meeting tools and lead your team to new heights!

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