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Meeting productivity starts with a calendar power-up…


Collaborate on meeting agendas, send notes, and give feedback without leaving Slack.

The Fellow Slack bot features a daily digest, insights, and reminders all designed to boost meeting productivity.

With Slack Actions, you can easily move a conversation from Slack to a meeting agenda or Shared Stream to flag it for follow-up.

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Create, import, and update Jira issues from Fellow.

With this integration, you can use Fellow for planning high-level action items from within your 1-on-1s and team meetings, while doing more granular project management using your existing workflows in Jira.

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Send your Fellow action items to Asana.

With this integration, you can send action items generated during your meetings over to Asana to integrate into your existing project management workflows and the completion status of items stays in-sync between Asana and Fellow.

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Google Meet

If you’re spending more time balancing browser tabs during your video meetings than connecting with the people on your call, the Fellow extension will help.

Fellow’s browser extension adds an intuitive overlay to Google Meet, making it easy to collaborate and record meeting notes and action items in real-time.

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Google Docs

Export notes effortlessly from Fellow to Google Docs with the click of a button.

Does your team store important documents and notes in Google Docs? You can use Fellow’s integration to export meeting agendas and private/shared stream notes.

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Connect your favourite apps and automate your workflow using our Zapier integration.

With Fellow’s Zapier integration, you can push action items to your favourite apps and pull in talking points, action items, and meeting notes from thousands of applications including Trello, Airtable, Discord, Todoist, Twilio, Evernote, and more.

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Pro Tip

Don’t see the integration you’re after? Fellow connects with Zapier, which unlocks 1000s of integrations!


Does your organization use an HRIS (human resources information system) like BambooHR or WorkDay? Fellow can integrate with your HRIS to import your company’s org chart!

Updating your HRIS means you won’t need to manually invite everyone in your organization. Similarly, when someone moves teams or leaves, this will automatically update in Fellow.

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  • “I think one of the most amazing features is the sync with Google Calendar. It makes it extremely easy to plan agendas and take meeting notes. Having some good templates has also improved the quality of our meeting output a lot.”

    Robin Brandt

    Development Manager

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