The world’s best managers hold regular one-on-ones with their direct reports. These meetings empower them to boost employee engagement, create positive work relationships and stay informed about team issues and goals. In fact, the benefits of one-on-one meetings are so vast that companies around the world are prioritizing these meetings over quarterly performance reviews.

Even more important than knowing the benefits of one-on-ones is implementing these meetings with your team. For this reason, we bring you Fellow — the app that empowers you to collaborate on one-on-one meeting agendas, track work interactions and record action items so you always stay on track.

In this post, we’ll show you how great leaders at Shopify, SurveyMonkey, KeepTruckin and other forward-thinking companies are using Fellow to have meaningful and productive one-on-ones.

🗓 One-on-one meeting agendas

Very often, managers and employees ignore the potential of one-on-ones by forgetting to write a clear agenda before their meeting starts.

However, one-on-one meetings become extremely valuable when managers and reports collaborate on talking points and prepare to have meaningful conversations.

Weekly Check-in Suggested Topics

Emailing or printing your meeting agenda is a thing of the past. Fellow is a powerful tool you can use to add talking points simultaneously and encourage your colleagues to ask more questions, speak up about issues, and take advantage of this important time.

Besides, Fellow integrates with messaging apps like Slack, so you don’t have to leave the chat interface to add talking points and prepare for your one-on-one meetings ahead of time!

💬 Suggested topics and templates

Wondering what to ask during your upcoming one-on-one? Fellow’s suggested one-on-one meeting questions and meeting templates are here to save you time:

You’re busy; we get it. That’s why Fellow gives you suggestions on what you and your teammates should discuss. Think of Fellow as the co-pilot that helps you manage all your work interactions. 

By suggesting conversation topics and a variety of templates, the app saves you time, enables you to foster positive work relationships, and ensures that you never let the ball drop. It’s the perfect tool for new managers who might be unsure of what to ask, and for experienced managers looking for some inspiration.

If there’s a one-on-one format that’s already been working for you, you can set it as a default template. The one-on-one section is entirely customizable, which means that you can get as creative as you want with your meeting agendas — while having the option to save the templates that you love. By allowing you to do this, Fellow encourages best practices from great leaders but doesn’t interfere with your personal style!

meeting templates

✅ Meeting action items

We’ve all gone to a one-on-one meeting, taken notes on a piece of paper, and then… thrown out those notes with the rest of our sticky notes in the recycling bin.

With Fellow, you and your teammates will write meeting action items, assign tasks and list the specific steps you’ll take before your next one-on-one.

And in order to avoid losing your meeting notes or forgetting what you promised everyone on your team, you can use Fellow to centralize all your action items in one place and remember to work on themWe’ll even send you reminders by email or Slack so you’re always on top of things!

Every meeting should have clear outcomes — Fellow helps you achieve them.

🔐 Private meeting notes

Great leaders establish personal connections with their direct reports. Did you hear it was your colleague’s birthday, or that they recently went on a trip? Write it down in the private notes section of the 1-on-1 document, so you don’t forget to bring up those important things next time you meet!

Fellow’s private notes section allows you to type reminders and record your thoughts. You can use it to keep track of your report’s progress, type notes that will be useful in future meetings, and remind yourself to send feedback or a shoutout when your meeting ends.

Great leaders use Fellow to power their one-on-ones ⚡️

Our users have said it, Fellow is the best tool for managers to keep track of their check-ins with direct-reports and staff.

We’re excited to launch the 1-on-1 feature knowing it will help you form stronger bonds with your colleagues, keep everyone accountable and help your fellow teammates thrive.

One-on-one meeting software for managers and their teams

Fellow makes it easier for managers and their direct reports to collaborate on talking points, exchange feedback, and have engaging conversations.

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