300+ One-on-One Meeting Questions 🚀

Are you making the most of your one-on-ones? Use this list of 300+ questions for managers like you to ask in your next meeting.

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What should you talk about in
your one-on-ones?

Vital aims to retool meetings from the inside out, throwing off antiquated notions in favor of what modern workers need. With Vital:

One of the best ways to build trust and rapport with people is by asking questions. But if you ask the same questions in your weekly one-on-ones, you’ll stop learning new information about your employee.


    To keep things fresh, and to help new managers think about all the potential topics that can be covered in a one-on-one meeting, we have for you a downloadable list.


      This list of one-on-one meeting questions includes topics like:

      Conversation starters

      Work responsibilities

      Career growth

      Work-life balance

      Team and company
      Job satisfaction


      Tools & resources

      Remote teams


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