19 Google Docs Meeting Agenda Templates & One Alternative

Facilitate organized, collaborative, and purposeful meetings by using a meeting agenda template. Copy these Google Doc templates for free!

By Hannah Sheehan  •   July 28, 2023  •   6 min read

Most companies and teams understand the importance of meeting agendas, but still struggle to streamline the process, stick to an agenda format, and create a seamless meeting experience for all attendees. 

A productive meeting starts with the preparation stage. Agendas serve as a guide for what to talk about and what order to discuss talking points in so that your meetings are as productive and efficient as possible. 

But this is where employees get overwhelmed, as they spend significant time contributing to and building agendas from scratch. Google Docs meeting agenda templates are a good option to make this journey easier and are one of many ways to make business meetings more productive. 

This article contains 19 Google Docs meeting agenda templates to try, as well as an explanation of how Fellow’s meeting software differentiates from these templates and how it can improve the company’s communication culture in general. 

The benefits of using a meeting agenda template

There are many benefits of meeting agenda templates. Let’s explore 3 key benefits…

1 Fosters organization

An organized meeting is one worth showing up for. I’m sure we’ve all experienced unorganized meetings before. These are the meetings where everyone talks over each other, no outcome/next steps are decided on, and time is ultimately wasted. 

Using a meeting agenda template will ensure that meetings are organized from start to finish. With different sections in the agenda, team members will know when to bring up talking points, questions, etc. Meeting agenda templates also help the meeting stay on-topic and finish on time.

2 Encourages collaboration

Sometimes it can be difficult to get everyone to contribute to the meeting agenda. They may not have anything to say or they may not know when to say it. This is why meeting agenda templates are important. 

For example, try using a meeting template with a section for “Wins” at the beginning. Thus, even if some team members have nothing to say about the meeting, they will still be able to contribute by adding a small win from the week before. 

3 Creates a clear purpose

One of the biggest meeting mistakes is not having a clear purpose. If there is no purpose to the meeting, then there is no purpose in showing up. Meeting agenda templates help you determine if your meeting has a purpose by providing designated spaces for each talking point and question. If you find yourself staring at the meeting agenda template with nothing to add to it, then chances are your meeting has no purpose!

Additionally, if you look at the meeting agenda and see that there is only 1 question or quick talking point on the agenda, a phone call or email would likely be more worthwhile. Remember that recurring meetings CAN lose purpose and to not always default to video chats when your meeting agenda is looking bare. 

Meeting notes in one place.

Keep track of all your meeting notes, decisions made, and action items all in one place so you never forget what was discussed. Try a tool like Fellow!

How to use Google Doc meeting agenda templates

To use the meeting agenda templates provided above, follow these steps:

  1. Open the document by clicking on the image
  2. Hit “File”, located in the menu bar at the top of the page
  3. Hit “Make a copy”, then rename the document how you’d like and choose which folder you’d like to save the copy into
  4. Press “OK”

A copy of the meeting agenda template will then appear in your chosen file with access to edit it!

Pro tip: If you hit “File”, then “Download”, you can save the document in Microsoft Word or as a PDF. 

19 meeting agenda templates for Google Docs

1 Formal meeting agenda template

Ensure that your formal meetings hit every important aspect with this template.

2 Standard meeting agenda template

Leave room for customization to fit your team’s unique needs with this simple template.

3 Board meeting

Check out this template to kick off your next board meeting the right way.

4 1-on-1 meeting

1-on-1 meetings help managers become better leaders. Start your next 1-on-1 right by asking all the right questions.  

5 Sales meeting

Try out this template to coach and support your business development representatives.

6 Marketing meeting

Try out this template to stay updated on your team’s metrics, projects, roadblocks and next steps. 

7 Project kickoff meeting

Lay the foundation for a successful project and ensure your team is on the same page by using this template.  

8 Retrospective meeting

Learn from your projects by reviewing them with this template.

9Managers Meeting Agenda Template

10Effective Staff Meeting Agenda Template

11Weekly Executive Q&A Meeting Template

12Landing Page Project-Kick Off Meeting Template

13First Meeting of New Cycle Agenda

14Social Media Design Meeting Template

15Annual General Board Meeting Template

16All-Hands Meeting Agenda Template

17Sprint Planning Meeting Agenda Template

18Design Discovery Workshop Agenda Template

19Monthly Customer Experience Team Meeting Template 

An alternative to Google Docs meeting agendas

With close to 500 meeting agenda templates, Fellow provides users with a world-class experience to take their meetings to the next level. Whether you like traditional and simple meeting agendas or more elaborate and unique meeting agendas, Fellow has a wide variety to choose from. 

Not only does Fellow provide its users with a wide variety of templates, but we also provide users with multiple specific use-case templates. Whether you work in the government, a hospital, or a legal office, Fellow has templates for you.

Here is a full list of the different categories of templates that Fellow offers for every meeting possible:

  • Weekly team meetings
  • 1-on-1 meetings
  • Agile meetings
  • Board meetings
  • Customer success meetings
  • Design meetings
  • Engineering meetings
  • Executive meetings
  • Finance meetings
  • Government meetings
  • Hospital staff meetings
  • HR meetings
  • Legal meetings
  • Lobbying meetings
  • Marketing meetings
  • Planning meetings 
  • Product meetings
  • Remote meetings
  • Retrospective meetings
  • Sales meetings
  • Team meetings

Additionally, unlike Google Docs, Fellow is a purpose-built application that helps teams have more productive meetings. Here are some key features that make Fellow (and not Google Docs) the perfect tool to organize and collaborate on meeting agendas with, track action items, and exchange feedback:

  • Meeting-centric experience
  • Side-by-side view of your calendar and meeting notes
  • Company-wide meeting templates
  • Aggregated action items across meetings
  • Suggested questions for 1-on-1s
  • Feedback and recognition
  • Helpful notifications and prompts

More meeting agenda templates

Why settle for less when you can have more? – “more” being more productivity, more efficiency, more collaboration, more organization, etc. Using a meeting agenda template will make your life easier, your coworkers’ lives easier, and your meetings better. 

And, if you don’t want to take our word for it, try some out yourself here! 😃

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