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Automated Project Management: Benefits & Ideas

Transform your workflow and become more efficient with automated project management strategies and insights.

By Rachel Ehrenberg  •   March 13, 2024  •   7 min read

In today’s fast-paced world of remote and hybrid work, manual project management can be draining. With automated project management, you can revolutionize your approach to task delegation. You can also make your communication channels work better while improving your collaboration. Here’s how automation can be your secret weapon for streamlined workflows that save time and resources while making life easier for your team.  

Why use automation in project management?

Imagine juggling a bunch of tasks and deadlines without breaking a sweat—that’s the best reason to use automated project management tools. Here are some other reasons to use project management software. 

  1. Efficiency. It’s time to let workplace automation technology take care of your never-ending to-do lists. Simplify your workflow, eliminate bottlenecks, and get time back for your most important tasks.
  2. Accuracy. Human error doesn’t exist with machines and algorithms. Your tracking and reporting will be much more accurate with automated project management, and you’ll keep your projects’ data 100% correct. 
  3. Consistency. Automation ensures uniformity across tasks, timelines, and communication channels, so you’ll keep things consistent from start to finish. 
  4. Time savings. With the busy work off your plate, you’ll get through processes faster. That’s both because machines can do your most tedious work faster and because you now have more time for your biggest tasks. 

Streamline project management
with advanced automations

Fellow is the only all-in-one AI meeting transcription and management software that automates meeting transcriptions, recordings, summaries, and outcomes. Fellow’s meeting automations can simplify your meeting workflow by automatically sending reminders, cancelling if there is no agenda, and sending recaps afterward. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to increased project productivity and alignment.

How does automation help in project management?

Dig into the importance of automation management with these key points. 

1Better task management

Automation is a top-tier assistant. It assigns tasks based on their priority, as well as preset rules so that everyone knows what to do and when. With Fellow’s project assignment meeting template, your team can plan out an entire project initially assigned by automation. 

2Faster data analysis

With automation, you can whip up custom reports and dashboards quickly for real-time insights into your projects. You’ll also quickly see where your budget stands and how your resources are being used. With this data, you’ll confidently steer projects and make smart adjustments for top-notch results. 

3Stronger communication 

Automation elevates your communication game since it sends notifications and updates to your team members and stakeholders, thus keeping everyone up to speed. Plus, you can set automatic email alerts when you hit major project milestones so that everyone stays in the loop. 

With meeting automation features, for example, you can send reminders, cancel meetings if there’s no agenda, and shoot out recaps afterward. With these built-in features for collaboration and feedback, team development is all but guaranteed, getting your crew ready to tackle anything that comes their way. 

4Easier resource allocation

Allocating resources can feel like a balancing act when constantly juggling different priorities and needs—and automation can stabilize everything. It crunches the numbers on resource availability and workload so you can divvy things up smoothly. You’ll feel confident in your resource allocation when you use automation to detail your project plan from start to finish.  

How to choose project management software

Consider these factors when choosing project management software.

1Why you’ll use it

Think about the pain points you’ve been wanting to improve but have never had the capacity to—until now. Maybe you’re looking for better team communication or trying to stay on top of your tasks and deadlines. Knowing exactly what you need upfront will help you find the perfect automated project management solution. 

2Who on your team will wind up using it

Ask yourself: Will your core project team use the software, or will the entire team need access? Once you’ve sorted that out, decide what to prioritize next. Should you make it easy for everyone to learn and use your software? Or is it more important to ensure your team has various features for maximum efficiency? Better yet, can you have it both ways?

3Which of your tools you need to connect with it

Think about the other tools with which your PM software needs to connect. These include the apps you’re using for communication, file sharing, and time tracking, as well as your CRM and HR software. Look at whether you’re better off integrating these platforms or replacing some of them with your automated PM software.

4Which objectives matter the most

Decide what you want to achieve (or improve on) and how to measure that success. Maybe you’re aiming for sharper insights into your project performance, or maybe you want help developing clearer project objectives. Either way, knowing what matters the most makes it easier to know that your potential software options align with your goals. 

3 ideas to improve your project workflow automation 

If you’re wondering how to set up a project management automated workflow, start with these ideas.

1Come up with your own templates or workflows

Every project needs its own special touch, but instead of reinventing the wheel every time, why not streamline things for different workflows? Once you’ve set up your workflows with all the necessary automations, you can drop new projects into the mix without starting from scratch. If anything needs tweaking, fold in some new automations or take some out of the mix.

For example, Fellow’s weekly project status meeting template is a lifesaver for keeping everyone on track. By setting up many workflows or templates for different project types, you save time and create consistency and efficiency across your projects. 

2Get into the routine of regularly checking your dashboard

Getting your automations running smoothly is just one part of the puzzle. It’s also important to check how your automated project performs in key areas—tasks, finances, team productivity, you name it. The last thing you want is for a hiccup in your automation setup to push you further away from your KPIs and OKRs

That’s where automated project dashboards step in—they offer a clear snapshot of your project without overwhelming you with endless reports. Regularly checking your dashboards is a great way to catch any issues early, make informed decisions, and keep your projects on track for success.

3Build your first automations for your administrators

Using automations in day-to-day administrative tasks for team members such as HR, managers, and bookkeepers is a game-changer. Basic tasks such as reporting, invoicing, and onboarding can all be handled with less manual effort, freeing up valuable time. It’s not just about boosting productivity—it’s about working smarter and smoother from the get-go. 

4 software platforms to automate project management

Below are four of the best automation software platforms to use for your team.


If you’re looking for the ultimate way to streamline your project management process, look no further than Fellow. Its cutting-edge features check all your automated project management boxes. 

With collaborative agendas, daily check-in meeting templates, shareable notes, and automated meeting guidelines, Fellow empowers your team to stay in the loop on project progress. It makes your meetings more efficient, powers your project management conversations, and helps you make smart decisions across the board. Say goodbye to juggling multiple, disjointed PM tools—Fellow has you covered.

No need to worry about losing your current project progress and data either. Fellow’s native integrations connect seamlessly with your existing tools, keeping your key information synced and up-to-date. This way, everyone on the team always has access to the latest project updates and resources, so no one is left in the dark.  

To top it all off, Fellow has advanced AI features for automatic meeting transcriptions, recordings, and summaries that capture an accurate record of all key project discussions and decisions. You can also use the Agile project kick-off template to give your team members a clear action plan and next steps from the get-go. Plus, Fellow takes meeting notes for you so you can focus on what really matters—getting those projects done. is a project management solution offering customizable workflows and streamlined processes to increase productivity. With, your team can access multiple collaboration tools for easy communication. There are pre-built automations to choose from, or you can build your own via’s list of automation creation rules. 


Trello keeps your team organized by using no-code automation, boards, lists, and cards. You can customize Trello’s rules, board buttons, and flowcharts to handle almost any action. There’s also a large library of pre-built templates you can use to quickly create Trello cards. 


SmartSuite is a tool for planning, managing, and tracking any type of workflow for better team collaboration and communication. It can automatically assign tasks, update statuses, post comments, and sync data with integrated platforms. It can also help with resource allocation and get real-time data insights. 

Efficiency redefined with Fellow 

Rethink project management as you know it with Fellow. With Fellow’s AI Meeting Copilot, you can save time and focus on what truly matters. 

Fellow’s AI meeting transcription, recording function, and AI meeting summaries give you time back for effective meeting management. Plus, with time-saving meeting agenda templates and built-in meeting guidelines, Fellow streamlines your workflows and gives you more space for project execution. 

No more long hours spent on tedious tasks that leave you with headaches and even more stress. Embrace Fellow’s automated project management to stay effortlessly organized and never miss a beat!

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