How to Move Forward as a Leader and Show Up Prepared to Every Meeting

Manager TLDR: Issue 22

How to Prepare for Meetings

Hey fellow managers and leaders,

Welcome to Issue 22 of the Manager TLDR.

Here’s some #MondayMotivation to help you start the week off right:

📝 How to show up prepared to a one-on-one meeting every single time (4 min read)

TLDR: Whether you’re a Manager or an IC, your one-on-ones are one of the most important meetings you’ll have. Here are some things you can do to ensure that conversation flows and you leave those meetings feeling inspired:

✋ 5 Tips to run successful retrospective meetings (6 min read)

TLDR: Retrospectives are meetings where you look back over a time period or a project and talk about the things that went well and the things that could have gone better. Here are some best practices to make the most out of them:

✅ 9 Steps to organize a productive meeting (7 min read)

TLDR: In order to increase productivity and efficiency at your meetings, you’ve got to put in the work before you walk into (or sign into) the meeting room. Here are the first three steps to organize a productive work session:

📅 Your mid-year leadership check-in (3 min read)

TLDR: It’s halfway through the year. We remain in unknown territory for most leaders, but it’s time to start thinking of how you will move forward in these strange times. To get you thinking about this problem space, Michael Lopp (author of The Art of Leadership) presents ten check-in questions. Here are our three favourites:

🎙 New on the Supermanagers podcast

Vlad Magdalin (CEO of Webflow) talks about the founding philosophies of Webflow and the surprising rationale behind the company’s dual mission. He also shares a template to run effective and inclusive company-wide meetings, and best practices to make the hybrid remote model work for your organization.

P.S. Did you know has a YouTube channel? This week, we recorded a video explaining 5 ways to beat procrastination and boost your productivity at work. Watch the video and subscribe to our channel here 🎬

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