🏡 How to work from home: 7 tips to work remotely from a decade-long expert

TLDR: There are a lot of challenges inherent to remote work. While some may struggle with communication and productivity, others might find it really hard to bond with their team members. Over the past 10 years working remotely, Rebecca Snyder has developed some tips and tricks to overcome the challenges associated with working from home. Tips include:

  • Use your calendar to prioritize tasks.
  • Give timely and specific feedback.
  • Take advantage of emojis to convey personality.

⚡️ One-on-ones with your manager: the secret tool to achieve career hyper-growth 

TLDR: A lot of employees miss out on the power of one-on-ones because they don’t know how to prepare for these meetings. This article outlines 7 ingredients to effective one-on-one meetings with your boss – including:

  • Keeping your manager informed of your work progress, blockers, and achievements.
  • Aligning priorities to ensure you’re working on the most important things.
  • Defining your career plan and getting performance feedback.

🎬 What every leader can learn from Netflix’s high-performing company culture

TLDR: Patty McCord spent 14 years as the Chief Talent Officer at Netflix. She was instrumental in defining the tech giant’s culture by helping draft the famous Netflix Culture Deck. Here are three lessons she learned from this experience:

  • Leaders should agree to call each other out when important information isn’t being shared. 
  • Every debate you have must ultimately be about how you can deliver satisfaction to the customer.
  • Feedback isn’t about hurting feelings, it’s about making people better – and you can say that to your teammates!

🌎 The future of work in a distributed world

TLDR: Here are three things we learned from Atlassian’s Dominic Price on how you can help your remote team thrive:

  • If you hire fully-formed adults and trust them, working from home should be a transaction that just occurs. 
  • To truly embrace remote work, you need to emphasize a growth + experimentation mindset and give people the autonomy to make decisions.
  • Encourage your team to learn from every project by asking about what didn’t work – and learn from those failures.