#ManagerChats: A Twitter Chat for Managers

From 2020 to early 2022, we hosted manager-focused Twitter chats. Recaps and insights from these chats can be found here
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#ManagerChats Recaps

Miss a past chat? Learn from our incredible panelists in these round-ups 👇

Navigating management and leadership with a community

When you become a manager, nobody hands you a handbook nor do they walk you through the ups, downs, highs, and lows of managing people. Our #ManagerChats Twitter chat is a community-driven discussion that will teach, inspire, and connect those that attend live.


Catch up on old chats by searching the hashtag, #ManagerChats, and follow us @fellowapp!

How to Participate in #ManagerChats

Think of the chat as an open Q&A / interactive panel that you can attend virtually to learn tactical, practical, and helpful advice.

We’ll start posting questions from the @fellowapp Twitter.

Our hosts answered the posted questions using the #ManagerChats hashtag but anyone can jump in! Be sure to tag your responses with the hashtag, too!

    Past #ManagerChats Hosts