Fellow announces new app for Zoom to improve meeting productivity and enhance the in-meeting experience

With Fellow's app for Zoom, you can collaborate on meeting agendas, record decisions, and keep your team accountable - all without leaving your Zoom meeting.

By Fellow.app  •   July 21, 2021  •   2 min read

Fellow.app today announced the launch of a new app for Zoom delivering an embedded experience accessible within Zoom Meetings. The Fellow app for Zoom is now available in the Zoom App Marketplace.

With Fellow’s integration into Zoom, companies can improve meeting efficiency by bringing notes and action items into a convenient panel embedded in their video calls. 

“This new integration will help meeting attendees focus on their Zoom meetings, instead of juggling multiple windows,” said Aydin Mirzaee (CEO and co-founder at Fellow.app). “We’re excited about the effect that this app for Zoom will have in creating more effective meetings and ensuring that certain processes – such as finding past notes and tracking decisions – don’t get in the way of human connection.”

According to The Future of Meetings Report 2021, one of the biggest problems with meetings is a lack of clear takeaways. Fellow’s app for Zoom will help teams build the habit of tracking meeting action items by offering an easy way to assign tasks right within Zoom.

“Companies need to be conscious that every meeting is a tax on people’s time,” said Ross Mayfield (Product Lead, Zoom Apps and Integrations at Zoom) during an interview with Fellow. “When companies put a focus on making meetings efficient and effective, they create a culture where people are careful about whether they should have a meeting or not. What I look forward to is, when people start to use Zoom Apps like Fellow, what you’re going to find is a blend of synchronous and asynchronous collaboration tools to support the full meeting workflow of what occurs before, during, and after a meeting. That’s going to be a real boom for productivity.”

Fellow’s app for Zoom is available for download now from the Zoom App Marketplace

For more information on Fellow’s Zoom integration go to: fellow.app/integrations/zoom

About Zoom Apps

In-product Zoom Apps enable a seamless experience for using your preferred apps within Zoom, before, during and after a meeting. Boost meeting productivity with apps for file sharing, project management, whiteboarding, and more. Zoom Apps inspire collaboration and foster engagement by enabling meeting participants to execute in real-time and get more out of meetings.

About Fellow.app

Fellow is where teams gather to have productive team meetings and meaningful 1:1s, build collaborative meeting agendas, record decisions, and keep each other accountable. As a meeting productivity and time management software, it allows your team to have productive meetings through expert-approved templates, foster accountability by assigning tasks to specific individuals and give feedback on work in real-time. Integrate Fellow with the other tools your team is using to make your meeting and management workflows even better. 

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