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Marketing Weekly Kickoff Meeting Template

Looking to kick start the week with your marketing team? Use this Marketing Weekly Kickoff Meeting Template to get a temperature check for the week ahead.

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What’s inside this Marketing Weekly Kickoff Meeting Template:

1🚀 This Month’s Goals [Recap]

Summarize where we are at in terms of this month’s goals/targets.

2🏆 Wins from Last Week

Whether big or small, share something that made you proud last week!

3💡 Insights & FYIs

Any insights/observations/ideas you came upon in the last week. Anything thought-provoking?


Any challenges that you are musing on?

5🤔 Questions & Issues

Do you have any questions for other members of the team? Anything else we should discuss today?

6🎯 Noteworthy Priorities for the Week

The key term here is “noteworthy”. Please only list the things that we should all be aware of.

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