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Client Meetings

Enhance communication with these client meeting templates that address client needs/concerns and build strong business relationships.

Client Kickoff Call

Set your client onboarding off to a great start with this Client Kickoff Call template, created by the team at HubSpot.

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Client Onboarding Meeting

This template provides a blueprint for how to conduct a client onboarding meeting, from preparation to feedback.

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Client Update Meeting

Try this template to create a client update meeting agenda that covers all the essentials and makes the best use of your client's time.

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QBR with Client

Ensure client satisfaction and retention with this Client Quarterly Business Review template, curated by the team at Gainsight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are client meetings?

Client meetings are professional engagements where service providers and their clients meet to discuss the client’s needs and how the service provider can best support them. These meetings can take place place in-person, over the phone, or via video conferencing platforms and are a great opportunity to promote collaboration and communication.

How to conduct a client meeting?

When conducting a client meeting, the first steps happen before the meeting even takes place. Prepare for the meeting by researching attendees in advance, ensuring that all the relevant people are invited, and building out an agenda that covers all the talking points that you want to discuss. Then when it comes time for the meeting, use the agenda as the general outline for your meeting and check off discussion topics as you go, being sure to address client concerns and goals. As the meeting wraps up, summarize the key points and outline next steps. Once the meeting has ended, follow-up with the minutes of the meeting or a summary of what was discussed.

What is the purpose of client meetings?

While the purpose of client meetings may vary, the overall goal of these meetings is to ensure alignment on goals, expectations, and timelines. These meetings are also a great opportunity to build a relationship with the client that is built on trust, transparency, and understanding. More specific purposes for client meetings include updating the client on progress, discussing new opportunities or challenges, or making decisions around next steps.

How to make client meetings more effective?

To make your client meetings more effective, start by creating a clear agenda and then sharing that agenda with the client to see if there is anything else that you might have missed that they would like to discuss. During the meeting, encourage active participation, actively listen to the client, focus on solutions, and document actionable next steps. Utilizing visual aids or a shared agenda is another great way to make your client meetings as effective as possible.

How to structure a client meeting?

A well-structured client meeting typically starts with a welcome and introduction, followed by a discussion covering the following topics: project updates, concerns or issues, and opportunities. Finally it concludes with questions, a summary of what was decided or discussed, and clear next steps (including the date of any follow-up meetings).

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